Back with a card for the EBTKS challenge…

I have been busy paper crafting this weekend…
it felt good to be up to my eyeballs in paper, stamps, and ribbon.
Definitely reminded me how much I enjoy doing this.This card is for the current EBTKS card challenge.
The EBTKS girls are amazing and I look forward to their
challenges each month.
Usually I wait to the last minute to pull my card stuff out
and then I get the card finished just a few minutes too late…
not this month:-)
I am on top of it and got it finished right after they posted
the challenge. Can I get a whoot whoot?

This card also was made using the colors for the
Off the Wall Craftiness challenge.

Now if I can keep up this mojo with everything else I need to do!!!

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    Such a fun card for the season I love the flower card in your last post as well..You are so talented and I’m happy to be one of your newest followers! I recently ordered a couple headbands from you on Etsy and love them! Then I discovered your blog and enjoy reading it as are so creative, I can’t wait to see what else you come up with! :)

  2. says

    that’s such a cute card, I really like it.

    I’m going to a scrapbook expo this weekend, the whole weekend!! I’m so excited, can hardly wait. It’s ope crop all day ’till 11:00 pm. I’ve got my supplies and pictures and hotel reservations and I’m ready.

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