Curtain Call 67 Card Challenge

Well, thankfully we didn’t get as much snow as they predicted.
But it was chilly and a lot bit icy.
So we got my office repainted…
I say we, but honestly I didn’t touch the roller even once.
Yup, he loves me!
Huge thank you’s to my husband for painting for me:-)
It is amazing what a difference a fresh coat of paint
and rearranging the furniture can do for a room!
I love it!
(I will get pics posted when it is totally done)Even with the room full of inspiration,
the paint fumes kept me out…but
I was able to get this card finished for the current
Curtain Call 67.
I think my husband is looking forward to my office being
totally done…I always have a pile of some sort
of project in my “other office”
aka. the dining room:-)

I am also thinking it might be time to invest in
a light box because my card colors
never look right in pictures:-(
I promise in person
these are the colors are very close to the challenge colors.
What do you think???

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