Trick or Treat Tuesday

Today is my baby girl’s birthday! 
I look at the young lady she is becoming,
and it makes me a little sad at how fast she is growing up.
It is sad, but as she gets older we are definitely having more fun together.
I love taking her on shopping/coffee dates.
She has started to develop her own “style” and that is really a lot of fun!
Yesterday we were out finding some fun party stuff for her friend party this weekend,
and dessert stuff for the pie that she wants made for today!!!
Lots of pink and zebra print and monster high stuff is involved!!!
She has requested spending the day at the pool, mashed potatoes for dinner,
and ice cream for dessert.  Sounds like a pretty doable day!
Oh, and she wants these creepy looking dolls from Monster High.
They really are actually pretty funny!  
I would much rather she play with monster dolls!
Have you seen the Bratz?  No way are those coming into our house.
The name alone definitely makes me say no!
And the amount of makeup?  Yea, we are definitely sticking with the monsters:-)
Today I thought it would be fun to turn THE FAB 5 over to my daughter.
Here are the five links that caught her eye.
Make sure you head over and let them know they were featured:-)
I want to dive head first into a bowl full of this
I am in love with Kitchen Meets Girl’s pictures and her blog!!!
How good do these mini RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE CUPS look?
I agree with Cookin Up Good Times…
you need to finish off dinner with that sweet ending.
And when that ending is light…that is even better:-)
Life Made Simple couldn’t find a cookie that was as good as the one from 
a restaurant where they used to live…so what is a food blogger to do?
Create your own of course:-)
These S’MORES COOKIES are going on my list to make too!
Love the toasted and gooey marshmallow!!  Yum!!!
CHOCOLATE CHERRY CHEESECAKE from The Ranch Wife Chronicles
has me wanting to run to the store for Oreos, cherries, and chocolate ASAP!
So decadent and delicious looking!!!
My kids were in awe when I showed them these cute
BURGER COOKIE BITES from Hoopla Palooza.
Any guesses what kind of cookies they want to make now??  :-)
These are way too cute!  
And now I need to find a World Market close to me…
those little fry papers are so stinking perfect for these cookies!!!
Are you ready to get your party on???

Link up CRAFTSPROJECTS, and of course RECIPES!!!!
I can’t wait to check it all out!!!
Just remember:
No etsy shops or giveaways.
And a link back is always appreciated…but not necessary:-)
You can grab the button under the button tab or use a text link.
Share lots of comment love:-)
Thank you so much for making this party such fun!
I couldn’t do it without your help.
Thank you so much for reading my blog. If you liked this post, please leave a comment. Comments are a great way for me to see what is a blog hit or miss:-)
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  1. says

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! I totally get what you mean about the Bratz dolls. My daughter is too young to know what monster high is but I’m curious to see what these monster dolls look like lol. Thanks for hosting! :)

  2. says

    Happy Birthday to your girl !!
    We have a tradition in our family to bless the parents first as they were the ones who received such precious gift when they gave birth to their child :) So all the best wishes to you!

    • says

      That is sweet tradition to have! Funny thing is that we were joking with my daughter last night that she needed to give us presents since we gave birth to her:-)

  3. says

    You are one smart woman to keep those Bratz dolls out of your house. Happy Birthday to your daughter and tell her she done a very good job choosing links.

  4. says

    Happy Birthday to your daughter; enjoy her today! I will take one of each of those fab featured desserts! haha They all look awesome! :) Have a great week!
    Mackenzie :)

  5. says

    Hi Jocelyn,
    Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter, it is very sad when they start growing up so fast. Thanks for hosting and have a fabulous week!
    Miz Helen

  6. says

    Happy Birthday to your girlie girl!! It’s so exciting to see how they grow up, and they type of person they become. She looks like she is becoming you, with the zebra print love and all!!
    Oh, and with three daughters not a single Bratz doll has ever entered this home, totally agree!

  7. says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUGIRL! You have your mom’s sunny smile :) And Jocelyn, I am kinda having a heart attack right now cuz YOU FEATURED ME AND MY COOKIE BITES!!!!!! YAHOOOOO! I am pretty new to blogging and you just made it all worth it!!! I actually have people reading my blog who aren’t my close friends or family-haha THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! I LOVE your blog too!

  8. says

    Happy Birthday to you daughter! How old is she? Mine is turning 18 in August and I can’t believe how fast the time flew by. We have become very close over the years and have fun shopping, lunching, and going to the movies together. I am very thankful her and her friends always like having me around and don’t shoo me out when they are together.

    Thanks for hosting! Have a wonderful week :)

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