Mango Coconut Donuts

Some random thoughts going on here today…
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one.  I have naturally curly hair.  It took me a long time as a kid to get used to it and to actually even like it.  But now I love how quick and easy it is to do in the morning.  Squeeze some frizz cream and some mousse in it and let it air dry.  This past week it has been curling the absolute best…know what that means?  That it will need a hair cut in about 1 week.  Does anyone else have that hair problem?  Your hair has an absolutely awesome week and then turns on you?  That is how I know when to get a hair cut.  I have never been one to schedule it every 6 weeks.  The problem is by the time I realize that it needs scheduled ASAP, I can’t get into my hair girl for at least another week or two.  So a few weeks ago, I just snapped and grabbed the scissors.  I figured how bad could I mess it up.  LOL!  I have learned to only trim little bits at a time.  And with curly hair, no one is ever going to notice.  Well, almost no one.  Haha!  I think my hair girl notices when I do a box color or when I do a “trim”.  I have to say, this time I think I did pretty good.  Gotta love when you have multiple good hair days in one week:-)  I guess I better start mentally preparing myself for some bad hair days coming very soon!
two.  The last 3 weeks have been very bad on the diet and workout scene.  Basically I have not done much of either.  Let’s just say that pants are getting snug and I don’t like it.  Maybe I should remember that when I am stuffing my face every single time I bake something new.  It is time to start giving away baked goods again.  Or it is just time to practice some self control…
three.  I have this funny crazy habit….when I try to spell a word that I don’t remember or am unfamiliar with, I have to spell it on my leg or hand.  It’s like I can see it better that way. I just can’t get it right doing it in my head.  For some reason spelling it in the air is like spelling words with sparklers…I can see kind of (not really) see it that way.  I can’t understand why I don’t just grab paper and a pen???
four.  We have been outside a lot in the last few weeks too.  And the bugs have been eating me alive!  I wonder if they can smell or taste all the sugar that I have been consuming and that makes them think I am much more tasty than my husband.  Because he doesn’t have a single bite…how rude!!!

five.  Going on a mini vacation and then coming back to 8 dozen cupcakes that need made and frosted in one day isn’t as much fun as you would think:-)  Ok, I’m sure fun didn’t even cross your mind!!!  A friend of ours asked me to make cupcakes for his wife’s surprise party.  A small part of me almost said no because of the time frame of us being gone up until the day before, but I’m glad the bigger part of me said yes.  If I can bake all sorts of decadent and fun desserts for the internet world who I can’t see, I definitely need to make yummy stuff for those who are around me weekly!  It sure is a good thing that 100 cupcakes in one day is totally doable!!!!   I was feeling the stress of it though!!!  Glad that’s over!!!

six.  I heart my donut pan…way more than my thighs think I should.  The other day I was being all house wifey and putting away the dishes before vacuuming and doing laundry, when I saw my donut pan.  It has been a little while since the last donut creation, so I pulled out the pan.  Yup, you guessed it.  The vacuuming and laundry didn’t get finished that day:-)  But I made cute fruity donuts…that has to count for something right?  :-)
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Mango Coconut Donuts

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 14 minutes

Yield: 18 donuts

Mango Coconut Donuts

Healthier baked donuts using mango, applesauce, and yogurt.


For the Donuts
1/2 c. butter, softened
2/3 c. brown sugar
1/4 c. applesauce
1/3 c. vanilla yogurt
1/2 c. mango puree (about 1 whole ripe mango, smashed)
1/3 c. coconut milk
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. vanilla bean paste
2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. baking soda
2 c. flour
1/2 c. shredded coconut
For the Glaze
1 1/2 c. powdered sugar
3 tbsp. coconut milk


    For the Donuts
  1. In a mixing bowl, cream the butter and brown sugar until fluffy. Add the applesauce, yogurt, milk, salt, and vanilla and cream. Sift together the baking powder, baking soda, and flour and slowly add to creamed mixture. Stir in coconut by hand.
  2. Spoon the batter into a large ziplock bag and cut one of the corners off. Pipe into a donut pan that has been sprayed with nonstick spray. Bake at 375* for 14 minutes. Remove from the oven and let sit for about 3-4 minutes before removing from the pan. Let cool on wire rack completely.
  3. For the Glaze
  4. Whisk together the the powdered sugar and coconut milk. Dip the tops of the donuts in the glaze and top with sprinkles. Let glaze set before eating.
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  1. says

    I just posted peach/nectarine & white choc donuts a few days ago and I love love love anything mango. Had I had ripe mangoes on my counter rather than ripe peaches/nectarines, would have definitely made these! Good for you for saying yes even though it was hard, no doubt, b/c as you said, cooking for people in the flesh trumps the internet world (although we appreciate you!)

  2. says

    OMG, look at these! They look awesome, Jocelyn. So fruity and tropical–you definitely won my heart over with the triple threat of coconut, donuts and SPRINKLES! Beautiful too! And you know what else? I think we’re twins. No, seriously. When you “admitted” you talked to yourself, I was like, ‘whoa, finally someone’s like me!’ and now you confess you write things out? I do it ALL the time too! My boyfriend notices all the time, so he’ll ask me “what are you writing now?” and I’ll get all bashful about it. Usually, for me, it’s more of words that just stick out–they usually don’t have real meaning, but if he says something like “this Saturday, want to go to the park?” I’ll start writing ‘Saturday’ or something–most of the time in cursive–on my leg. So odd!

  3. says

    4) the bugs are driving me NUTS!! Seriously Jocelyn, I get earn alive each time I go outside. They taste all the sugar!

    I love these donuts!! obviously all those sprinkles are calling my name. And mangoes are my favorite. You made these for me, right?!

  4. says

    Hey at least you use apple sauce and yogurt in them!! That means they’re healthy in my mind, ha. I should really embrace my natural curls more often, the only problem, my hair is long and it gets tangled super easy; and being a curly haired gal yourself, you know that brushing (once all done) is a no-no.

  5. says

    Ok THese might sound BETTER than my Pina Colada Donuts. I LOVE mango & wish I lived in Hawaii so I could eat them for cheap everyday, but alas I live in Alaska & good Mango’s are hard to come by:(
    Thaks for mentioning my Pina Colada donuts too:)

  6. says

    Hey sorry it took awhile for my reply! I just now went to my new email account and saw your question! I think I wouldn’t eat them because they look too sweet with the sprinkes, the icing, and then the mango. I think a coconut donut is good. Anyways…I hope I didn’t sound like a party pooper. I’m just trying to give some kind of comment–I think they’re all good for you, good or bad, right?


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