Our Last Two Weeks of Crazy…

The last two weeks we have been busy…
like insanely busy!
First the kids left to go camping with Grandma and Papa on Monday,
while we went on our church staff retreat.  They humored me with a few pictures.
We had some sessions and then some ziplining fun on the retreat! 
FYI bucket hats look goofy on everyone.
We came home on Friday, and I baked/frosted 100 cupcakes for Saturday!!!

Then on Sunday we left for a week of beach fun with my family!
It was gorgeous there!!!  I miss it already.
This is probably the funniest picture I captured at the beach!!
I wasn’t really planning on sharing any of these pics, BUT
this one cracked me up too much!

Family pics are always a must when we go to the beach.
My sister was willing to play/practice with her camera, so I didn’t have to use the tripod this year. Yay!

Now I just have to decide which one to print big for my wall at home…
the faraway shot or the up close?  Any thoughts???
Can you believe we actually didn’t coordinate our colors!?!
How fun is it that we all brought some black, orange/coral, and turquoise!

Just a few more shots of the orange-ness…
Our “catch” of the day snapshot!  LOL!
My hubby hates all the “posed” pictures and is always trying to get a funny pic.
This one didn’t turn out quite as funny as I had hoped…still a little too posed I guess!!

Although there was plenty of goofing around with my sisters!!!  
Oh, and showing off our muscles too!
Love these girlies!!!  So glad we were able to get together again!

Lots of goodies while we were gone…
We tried some new coffee from TJMaxx…I’m loving the Whoopie Pie flavor:-)
Chocolate Chip Frapp from McD”s is awesome, but pretty sweet!
And Dunkin Donuts is yummy every single time…yes, we went twice in 5 days!
Hey, it was vacation!  Calories don’t count then.
We got home really late Saturday night and had one day to get ready for this…

yup, Summer is over…and the kids are back in school!!!
Sheesh!  Two weeks of wild and crazy running…I’m ready to relax a little.
It’s a good thing I have 8 hours of relaxing time eeerrr house cleaning time each day now;-)
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  1. says

    Great pictures!!! I would choose the close-up one to frame, personally, but you couldn’t go wrong with either. So glad you had a great family vacation. :)

  2. says

    Jocelyn, I’m SO glad you had an awesome time on your vacation! Those pictures are beyond beautiful. I’d say the close-up one of your family is my favorite, and please please PLEASE promise me you’ll get the picture of you and your hubby in the ocean and the one of you guys under the dock. They are GORGEOUS and so romantic and sweet :) I’m so happy you’re back and so happy you had a blast!

  3. says

    I love all those photos! Especially that one of your “catch” of the day. My BIL owns a shop at a landing in San Diego – I’m totally going to do this with Jordan next time we’re there! As for which to hang….gah! They are all SO good! Glad you had a fun time. Have fun relax- er, I mean, cleaning, this week!

  4. says

    Lovely pictures…I like the one that isn’t as close for the reason that it shows how your kids are growing up and I think it would be a great picture to add a quote.
    I really feel the same about the 2 weeks before school, next week I get to catch my breath (or so I think)

  5. says

    What a wonderful way to wrap up the summer, Jocelyn! Your family photos came out so beautifully, and that picture of your son taking a leap into the surf is positively phenomenal! Wishing you and your crew a very happy school year!

  6. says

    Okay, first of all before I forget, totally get the close up! I LOVE that you all had the same color scheme. That’s gorgeous! And your sister? Just as cute and quirky as you it seems, can you all adopt me?

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