Gingerbread Oreo Truffle Bark

Gingerbread Oreo Truffle Bark

 Have you seen the new Gingerbread Oreos yet?  I have to admit that I am not a huge gingerbread fan, but I really like these.  No scratch that…I love these.

Of course they are Oreos and I have yet to find an Oreo that I didn’t like.  As soon as I saw the first package of these posted on Instagram, I headed to our Walmart.  I checked the seasonal aisle, I checked the cookie aisle, and I checked the displays in the middle of the aisles.  Nothing!  I was starting to lose heart that our Walmart had decided to not carry them.  As I headed to the checkout lane, there right in front of my eyes was an Oreo display!  And one whole side was the Gingerbread ones…it was meant to be:-)  In fact, I’m pretty sure I heard angels singing.  

Gingerbread Oreo Truffle Bark

 The first thing I did when I got home was to try one.  Oh boy!  They were good!  I had to close them up and hide them in the back of the cupboards because I was very tempted to eat more…lots more.

My brain started to think about all the things I could make with them.  Maybe some Oreo gooey cake bars?  Or some Oreo brownies?  Or better yet, maybe some Oreo parfaits?

Gingerbread Oreo Truffle Bark

 The more I thought about what to make, the more I realized I wanted to make something simple.  Something that wouldn’t hide the gingerbread flavor.

Oreo truffles it is.

But because I was feeling lazy…or maybe it was just plain genius…either way I decided to make it into bark.  Ok, ok, it really was the lazy way out.  I just wasn’t in the mood to dip that many truffles.

Gingerbread Oreo Truffle Bark

 I may never dip another Oreo truffle again.



Gingerbread Oreo Truffle Bark

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Gingerbread Oreo Truffle Bark

White chocolate bark layered with Gingerbread Oreo Truffle mixture.


1 pkg. Gingerbread Oreos
6 oz. cream cheese softened
1 package white Candiquik, chopped (16 oz.)
4 extra Gingerbread Oreos


  1. Place the Candiquik in a saucepan over low heat. Stir until melted. Pour half of the Candiquik into a wax paper lined 9x13 pan. Place in refrigerator. Keep the other half warm.
  2. Crush the whole package of Oreos. Mix in the cream cheese. Spread on top of the chilled Candiquik. Pour the other half of the Candiquik on top and spread out. Top with sprinkles and extra Oreo chunks. Refrigerate to set. Chop into random small pieces. Keep refrigerated.

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  1. says

    I haven’t had these Oreos yet, but I guess I need to find them asap. This recipe looks and sounds fabulous! And I love the idea of making the truffles into bark–while I love truffles, I get tired of dipping that many balls. :-) This is the perfect solution for me!
    Ashley @ Kitchen Meets Girl recently posted..Weeknight BologneseMy Profile

    • Jocelyn says

      I hear you! I have decided this is one treat I will never roll again! Good luck on the Gingerbread Oreo search…I found them at Walmart, but on a special rack.

  2. says

    This. Is. Perfection! And sheer genius. While I love Oreo truffles, I seriously loathe rolling them and dipping each one individually–hello, time suck. Also, I’m impatient and want them all to be done in like, .58726438 seconds and all look prettyful, haha. This bark solves that solution because it’s such a no-brainer AND it looks gorgeous! Plus, I am LOVING those gingerbread Oreos. Genius!
    Hayley @ The Domestic Rebel recently posted..Hot Cocoa 3 Muskateers CupcakesMy Profile

    • Jocelyn says

      Thanks Hayley. I agree rolling and dipping is such a time waster!!! Now just spread it in a pan and eat it that much faster:-) Definite no brainer!!!

  3. Karen says

    I bought a pack of the Gingerbread Oreos and have been waiting for a recipe to use them in. Found it! Can’t wait to make these. They look so good.

  4. Sheila says

    My dh looked for the Gingerbread Oreos & couldn’t find them,so he bought
    Oreo Golden Sandwich Cookies.What do you think I could add to make them taste like Gingerbread ? Thanks :-)

    • Jocelyn says

      Hi, Shelia. I found a packet of the Duncan Hines Frosting Creations in gingerbread flavor at Walmart. I think if you added that in with the cream cheese it would be a nice flavor. Let me know how it turns out:-)

    • Jocelyn says

      I’m pretty much sold on the idea of making every single truffle a bark now:-) Rolling and dipping may be a thing of the past!!! I can’t wait to see your “twist”!

  5. says

    I dunno what it is, but I have been hearing your name ALL OVER blog land this week! Seriously. You are one popular woman!! :) Also, this looks fantastic and I want it in my mouth right now. Love your blog, girly! And you are adorable. That’s all. :)

    • Jocelyn says

      Woo hoo! Gotta love it when your name is all over blog land:-) Thanks for stopping by…I have the same love for your blog too:-)

  6. Nicole says

    These look sooo delicious!! I must buy some gingerbread oreos now! Do you think they would be just as good with milk or dark chocolate? Not a huge fan of white, but I think with the gingerbread I may change my mind!

  7. says

    OMG I just died and went to gingerbread heaven! These are genus! I love that they are a bark and can’t wait to try this. Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday. Can’t wait to see what you share next week! Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. says

    I simply love this recipe! Ingredient combo, presentation, everything is perfect!
    You will have a lifetime feature on my Wall of Fame over at HungryLittleGirl.
    I will contact you on Facebook for further feature information :)

  9. says

    I’m totally looking for Gingerbread Oreos while I’m home for Christmas. We live in the middle of no where, but home is in a huge city. :)

    Thanks for linking up to Tasty Thursday.


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