Swiss Cake Roll Ice Cream Sundaes

Happy National Ice Cream Day!  No need to bake anything today because these Swiss Cake Roll Ice Cream Sundaes come together in 5 minutes.  That leaves you with plenty of time to celebrate by eating even more ice cream.

Swiss Cake Roll Ice Cream Sundaes - Swiss Cake Rolls layered with vanilla ice cream and raspberry pie filling for a fun and easy sundae

Did you know that today was National Ice Cream Day?  And that July was National Ice Cream Month?  I love these fun food holidays…any reason to celebrate with a delicious treat right?  The other day it was hot…even too hot to bake for me.  You know it’s hot if I don’t bake because usually I crank the air conditioner down so my house is like an ice box and then baking begins.

But this fun sundae doesn’t require any baking at all.  In fact, it uses things you may have in your cupboards, and it comes together in about 5 minutes.  Give or take a few minutes depending on how fast you slice and scoop.  
Swiss Cake Roll Ice Cream Sundaes - Swiss Cake Rolls layered with vanilla ice cream and raspberry pie filling for a fun and easy sundae

I opened my cupboards and started digging to see what I could add to an ice cream sundae that would be different yet super easy.  There was a box of Swiss Cake Rolls staring back at me, and I knew right away they would make a stunning dessert in no time at all.

Slice the cake rolls and layer them in a clear glass cup or bowl, so that you can see the frosting swirls all the way around.  I also filled the bottom with a slice too.  Make sure to save one slice for the very top.  Fill the cup with ice cream.

Now you can eat it this way, or you can go one step farther.  Top it with your favorite ice cream sundae toppings.  For this one I had an extra can of raspberry pie filling.  Feel free to use whatever you have on hand.  Chocolate syrup, cherries, caramel…the sky is really the limit here.  Go crazy with it!  We are celebrating ice cream day after all :-) Then finish it all off with a swirl of Cool Whip and sprinkles.

Easy peasy dessert that you can enjoy in 5 minutes or less.  You gotta love that right?

Swiss Cake Roll Ice Cream Sundae 3-1

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Swiss Cake Roll Ice Cream Sundaes

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Swiss Cake Roll Ice Cream Sundaes

Swiss Cake Rolls layered with ice cream and pie filling for a fun and easy sundae.


Swiss Cake Rolls
Vanilla Ice Cream
Raspberry Pie Filling
Cool Whip


  1. Cut the Swiss Cake Rolls into small pieces. Line the inside of a glass bowl with the rolls. Top with ice cream, pie filling, and Cool Whip. Add sprinkles if desired. Eat immediately.


There are no amounts to this recipe. Feel free to use as much or as little of all the ingredients.

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  1. says

    Hey jos! Thanks to little debbie® the Hostess® companies are up and running again, and the “twinkies”® are back on the store shelves! :-) (you can also use, “HO HO’s® which are back too) in this recipe. Now if you, (or dorothy) can only make an ice cream recipe, using Twinkies® You can make that happen!

  2. says

    This doesn’t even look legal, it looks so good. I think the last time I had one of those swiss rolls was back when I was in high school and my mom packed my lunches, lol! I think I need to go buy some and make these for dessert tonight!
    Chels R. recently posted..Weekly Menu 7/22-7/28My Profile

  3. KC says

    I’m on the second last day of a no-carb fortnight right now and I’m looking for treats to splurge on come Monday – this one is definitely a contender.


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