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Summer is coming quickly!  I know with the crazy weather we have had around here, that might be hard to believe.  But in just a few short weeks, the weather is going to heat up, and I don’t know about in your house, but in ours that usually means grilling out for dinner.

Today I am so excited to join with Carrian from Oh, Sweet Basil, Lowe’s, and a group of awesome blog friends for this amazing grill giveaway.  Carrian is celebrating her birthday with a week of giveaways on her blog, so make sure you check out all the fun ones she has going on over there.


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  1. Susan Steiner says

    Would love to grill vegetable from my garden – sweet red peppers , carrots, and onions, with a plumb turkey stuffed with home made stuffing.

  2. Renee says

    I love grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. Shrimp and lobster is awesome as well. I would love to try grilling a pizza!!

  3. Rose Van Epp says

    Love grilled vegetables and steak on the grill. My youngest son is becoming quite the grillmaster as well.

  4. Nancy Andrews says

    What a great thing to win, I can see us grilling this summer into the fall (also spring) on this, I love to grill vegetables and steak is great too.

  5. Cathy Reppert says

    This is a great giveaway. I would love to win the grill. My husband and I finally bought a home and just never got to getting a grill yet. If we had a grill I think we would make steaks, chicken and pork chops.

  6. Elisha says

    Grilling season is right around the corner and we cannot wait after the long long winter we had in ND. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!!

  7. Keljean says

    I love grilling, because that means winter is in my rearview mirror! My favorite is pork ribs with this amazing dry rub my husband makes.

  8. Brittney says

    Mmmm, hamburgers, shrimp, corn, pizza.. I’ll bet that grill would do a fantastic job on grilling these to perfection!

  9. karen says

    I have never cooked on a grill and have been thinking that I would really like to learn how. I love streaks grilled and I really love fruit and veggies grilled. So having a grill would make this girl one happy well-fed person.

  10. Deb Christie says

    My favorite is grilling lobster. It’s fast and delicious and lately, it’s been affordable! I also love doing breakfast on the grill. I have a collection of cast iron cookware that makes it easy.

  11. says

    Too bad I missed this. Will there be another giveaway promo like this for 2015? That would be totally awesome! I’d like to join it and even spread the word out.

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