Easy Crock Pot Black & White Turkey Chili

Beans and Turkey Chili

It’s Black Friday and I am snug as a bug in my warm house eating pie for breakfast.  Are you one of the crazy ones who gets up at 2 am to go searching for a deal?  I just like my warm bed way too much to be one of those shoppers.  Now I will admit we have braved the crowds a few times on past Black Fridays…just never early in the morning!

We spent a fun day with family yesterday.  Our bellies were stuffed to the limits with turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes.  And let’s not forget the desserts!!!  We don’t mess around with desserts in our family…3 different pies, fudge, lemon bars, pumpkin dip and cookies, rice krispie treats, candy, and pumpkin rolls.  It’s quite possible we had more dessert than food.  Ok, maybe not…but we sure had our fill of the sweet stuff.  I personally felt it was my duty to sample every dessert…and they were all fantastic!!!

Thank goodness for elastic pants and soup to the rescue on the day after Thanksgiving.  Do you have leftover turkey or chicken in your fridge too?  This easy soup is the answer to your tight pants.  It is so easy to put together and even easier on your waist.  I need a few of these kind of recipes after eating so much yesterday:-)  [Read more...]

Sweet and Sour Crockpot Chicken

Sweet and Sour Crockpot Chicken | Inside BruCrew Life
I have to be very careful about accepting candy from my kids.

They know that I don’t like sour candy AT ALL!  It makes me cringe just thinking about things like  pucker powder, war heads, sour gummies.

 The bad thing is that if your kids know this they think it is hilarious to trick mom into eating something very sour.   [Read more...]