Peppermint Kiss Popcorn Munch

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Today I am joining a wonderful group of blog friends in Cookies & Crafts for Sandy Hook.   (I know I’m stretching it slightly by calling this an edible craft:-)    This past week I was reminded again of how fragile our life on Earth is.  God has given us a precious gift in our children.  We love and serve them every day without thinking.  My heart breaks as I think of how much hurt those parents must be feeling right now.  How can me posting a tribute help them?  It can’t, but it can let them know we are in this together.  We will continue to pray for them in the coming weeks.   My prayer for the parents is that they rest in the faith that we have a great and loving God who wants us to lean on Him in times of hurt and despair.  He is greater than any fear or hurt we can experience.  His love covers all!   [Read more...]