Raspberry Chipotle Turkey Pocket Thins

Raspberry Chipotle Turkey Pocket - turkey with lettuce, onion, and raspberry chipotle sauce www.insidebrucrewlife.com

I have a new appreciation for full-time working moms.  My hat is off to those of you who run your household, work, exercise, and find time to pack your children’s lunches.  In the past 6 months I have transitioned from a full time stay-at-home mom to a part-time working mom.  I am still at home, but the transition has been harder than I imagined.  My daily cleaning schedule that I used to stick to has gone out the window.  Flexibility has become my new best friend, as I allow it to become part of my life.  I am still working on developing a good routine that includes work and housework.

My laundry room now has piles of clean and dirty laundry waiting for me to attend to, and dust bunnies have taken up residence under my couches.  There are days I work right through lunch to meet deadlines, or because there is nothing good to eat in my refrigerator.  Have I mentioned that dinner is usually the last thing on my mind?  Thank goodness for a husband that loves to prepare real food, or we would be eating cookies, brownies, and cake three times a day.

Did you know that Sam’s Cub has a line of private label lunch meats that are affordable and delicious?  By keeping a few of these on hand at all times, lunch can be put together in no time at all.   [Read more...]