Dark Chocolate Butterfinger Cookies

These Dark Chocolate Butterfinger Cookies are for the serious chocolate lover in you.  Make sure you have a big glass of milk ready for when that cookie craving hits.
Dark Chocolate Butterfinger Cookies | Inside BruCrew Life - soft, dark chocolate cookies filled with plenty of #Butterfinger candy chunks #cookies

Let’s talk about fashion for just a minute.  How many of you have heard of a Spankz?  Basically it is a very tiny undergarment that squeezes the life out of you so you can look good in your clothes.

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Loaded Butterfinger Banana Muffins

Do you know what happens when you add candy bars to muffins?  You get Loaded Butterfinger Banana Muffins!

Loaded Butterfinger Banana Muffins

 Oh don’t act all surprised that I put sweets in my breakfast food!!!  Have you seen THIS, THIS, and THIS?   It’s kind of a thing I do around these parts.

Back to these muffins…if you add candy to them, you and everyone in your house will eat them for breakfast, morning snack, lunch, after lunch snack, dinner, and bed time snack.  Basically those candy filled muffins disappear like hot cakes.  It will make you feel all warm and cozy inside because missing muffins means this is a good recipe…a really, REALLY good one!!!   [Read more...]