Wooden Spool Yarn Turkeys

This month’s cyber crafting got a change up…
my sister and I actually got to make our craft

Jenni and my mom came out to watch my
not-so-little monsters while we went to Haiti.
Then they stayed an extra day to hang out with me:-)
I feel extra special:-) We had a good day…
crafting and shopping good will.

She even humored me when I told her my idea for a yarn turkey!
Last year I made THIS YARN SNOWMAN
so I got to thinking that maybe it could be
transformed into a yarn turkey.
I think it turned out freakishly cute,
dontcha think???
Even if Jenni thought he was a little strange!
Something about the googly eyes kinda makes
him look a little deranged.
Haha! I love the googly eyes!
Supplies you will need:

*a wooden spool
*brown fuzzy yarn
*round ball for the head (with a flat bottom)
*bag of different size oval wood pieces (7 large, 2 medium)
*wooden heart for the feet
*orange/red felt
*googly eyes

Everyone I want you to meet my crafting partner:
my sister Jenni!
I am so thankful for her being willing to come out
and watch my kids while we were away!!

And I am thankful she likes to do fun crafty stuff like me:-)
(now if I can just convince her to move closer to me:-)
Let’s get started:
1. Paint the spool and ball brown. Paint the 7 large ovals different fall colors. Paint the 2 medium ovals brown. Paint the heart orange. Let dry and repeat.
2. Paint fun designs on the 7 large ovals.
3. Wrap the spool with yarn making a rounded ball. Hot glue the ends of the yard down to the spool.
4. Glue the heart to the bottom and the head to the top.
5. Arrange the tail feathers (ovals) how you want them. Hot glue together, then glue to the back of the yarn. Glue the medium ovals on the side for wings.
6. Cut out a small beak and wattle from felt. Glue in place.
7. Place 2 small dots of glue above the beak and carefully place the googly eyes on the glue dots.
8. Sit back and enjoy your funny little turkey.

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