Halloween Mod Podge Frames

My sister and I just finished our 2nd cyber crafting project.
It has been fun for us, but we have learned something…

Both of us are huge procrastinators!

I am not sure what the point of us having a deadline is???
Neither of us was ready on our chosen day to show off our projects:-)
Maybe the more we do, the better we will get?
One can dream!

This month Jenni picked Mod Podge frames for us to do.
Sounds quick and easy to do, right?
Not if you are procrastinators:-)
I waited until the last possible moment to whip these out.
Sure is a good thing that mod podge dries super fast:-)

Frames – $3 (Dollar Tree)
Paper, skulls, ribbon, mod podge – in my stash
Yea for stash busting!!!!

Paint the front of the frame with mod podge.
Place the paper on top and smooth it out.
Let dry for 5 minutes or so.
Flip the frame over (the back of the frame should be facing you now)
Cut an “x” from corner to corner in the inside square with an exacto knife.
Cut away the edges leaving just enough to glue onto the inside of the frame.
On the outside of the frame, cut a diagonal line on each corner.
Now glue down one side at a time.
Fold the corners down just like wrapping a present.
Then paint glue all over the paper to seal it.

While they dried, I cut a square out of a cereal box for the picture part
and covered it with black scrapbook paper.
My husband cut off the back of the skeleton skull
with some sharp object from his garage,
so that I could glue it flat with my hot glue gun.

I think my favorite part is the ribbon on the girl skull!

These were so easy to do.
Now I am thinking of doing some frames for my bedroom walls…
but I will probably just procrastinate some more on that one:-)

Isn’t this monster frame adorable???
Jenni sent me THIS PICTURE for her inspiration.
I think hers turned out absolutely adorable…
but I think the best part is my cute little nephew in his monster costume.
So excited to squeeze on him very soon!!!!!

Frame $3 (Michaels)
Boo Sticker – part of set $3
Googly Eyes -$6 (Michaels)
Ribbon, Paint, Paper – in her stash

Paint the frame.
Mod Podge and arrange eye balls all over the top.
Glue ribbon around the edges and front of the frame.
Layer sticker with paper so it “pops” out. Glue on.
Add a cute monster baby picture and you have a super cute Halloween frame!

Maybe we should get started now for our next month’s craft…
I’m pretty sure we will both wait until the last possible minute again:-)

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