Smiling as a Mom!

I SMILE as a MOM at…

* hugs and kisses from my “babies”
* breakfast in bed made entirely from my boys
* funny made up songs
* being called “beautyful” from my girl…it is wonderful to be admired when you haven’t
showered for the day yet
* “dates” with each of my kids
* each day being entirely different from the last
* my kids thinking of others
* rare moment when they ALL GET ALONG!
* how God has blessed me with my 3 wonderful childeren

I also “smile” when all my kids are in bed at night too:-)
Last night I got this card finished for the
current CQC #83.
My card mojo wasn’t happening and
I actually almost threw in the towel and went to bed…

but then I just laid the strips down and loved it.

Kind of like being a mom…

there are days that are tough and I want to give up,
but God gives me the strength to finish strong!
I have learned that not everything is going
to be perfect right away,
but if you just keep on it will all be right in the end.

to all my mom friends:-)

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    What a sweet story! I love the simple clean lines of your card. This is actually my favorite card of yours so far. Perfect! How similar are we? So much so that we made a card for the same challenge last night and posted it this morning at almost the same time! LOL! Creepy!

  2. says

    Love the color strips on the card–super dramatic! Your post is so sweet…it definitely made me smile! :) Hope you’re having a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  3. says

    I too love those rare moments when we all get along. I have a sassy little 5 year old and a stinker of a 2 year old. They like to pick on one another non-stop!

    Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

  4. says

    happy mother’s day to you!! i so feel the happy when the kiddos go to bed thing.. i wish my girls thought i was beautiful when i haven’t yet gotten ready for the day. ever since they were babies, they would give me this frightened look, like, “who are you and where is my mommy?” heartbreakingly truthful and funny all at the same time. make-up and hairspray are part of me i guess! 😉

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