Cyber Crafting – Fall Wreaths

Last month my sister (Jennifer) and I decided
we were going to start our own club.

A Cyber Crafting Club:-)

We both love doing crafty things and would LOVE it even more
if we lived close enough to do them together.
One day maybe that will be possible.
For now our little club will have to do!

Our goal is to each pick a fun craft to do at the same time.
We also want to see how cheap we can keep our crafting.
Since we aren’t there to help each other…
there will be lots of texting, calling, and maybe even skyping
while we create our fun craft.

This time I chose a fall wreath for us to create for our front doors.
We each picked an inspiration picture from pinterest as our jumping point.
I think it is always neat to see where someone got there ideas
and how they changed them and made them their own.

I decided on a yarn wrapped wreath…
goodness, that takes forever to do!!!!
Make sure you plant yourself on the couch with a good show or movie to watch.
The tv distraction keeps you from thinking about how slow your wreath is progressing.
Or maybe the tv kept me from wrapping faster.
Either way I got my wreath wrapped,
and my husband and I watched a lot of Lost.
Then I just hot glued all the flowers on.

Maybe because the wreath was so big and skinny,
but I felt like it needed something in the center.

After a bunch of texts and pics back and forth with my sister,
I decided on a mini chalkboard.
Off to Michaels I went (any chance to go to a craft store)
armed with my 50% off coupon!

After a quick paint job on the frame, it was ready to be hung up!

wreath – in craft supplies
yarn – $7.50 at Joann’s (would’ve been cheaper but I bought 3 colors)
silk flowers -$5 at Dollar Tree
chalkboard – $1.50 from Michaels with coupon
paint/fabric/scarecrow – in my stash

Here is the Pinterest photo that inspired me to try wrapping a billion times with yarn.

This next wreath is Jennifer’s.
Don’t you just love how cute her wreath turned out?
I am loving the pop of orange against her turquoise door.
The perfect way to welcome Fall to her house!
She said the biggest challenge on making her wreath
was getting used to the smell of the burlap.
She also said that once she finally decided how she wanted the wreath to look,
it only took her about 15 minutes to assemble it.
But deciding took a little bit longer.
I think that all the time she took definitely paid off!
It turned out absolutely adorable!
wreath – $1 from Dollar Tree
burlap – $.50 from Walmart
silk flowers – $1 from Dollar Tree
ribbon – $4 from Walmart
garland – in her fall stuff

Here is her inspiration picture from Pinterest.

It was so much fun to do this craft thing with my sister!!!

Not everyone gets why I craft and bake so much…
but I can count on her to listen and understand when I call her with
the latest fun thing that I am trying out!!!

I am definitely looking forward to seeing what fun craft
Jenni has picked out for us to do next.

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  1. Lisa Grace says

    Totally snagging this idea! Love it :)

    I wonder if my daughter would have the patience to wrap a wreath? We’re gonna have to give it a go!

  2. says

    What a fun idea- way to make the best of your distance situation and your wreaths are so cute! I’ve wanted to make a yarn wrapped wreath for months, and this makes me want to even more! :)

  3. says

    Both wreaths turned out great! {and I love the inspirations too…I have that burlap one pinned also!} Thanks so much for sharing this post at One Artsy Mama. :)

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