Halloween Washi Magnet Clips

My refrigerator was in need of some new magnets…

but we needed magnets strong enough to hold school project lists and artwork.
One day while I was browsing the crafty aisles at Walmart,
I came across some fun things in a $1 bin.

There was bakers twine, stickers, mini stamp sets, and these fun badges.
Immediately I thought they would make great magnets…
and for the price I can make more when Halloween is over.

This craft was so easy that I actually didn’t do it…
my 2 youngest saw me setting up all my supplies and wanted to help.
I explained what I was wanting to do and they got right to work.

It’s kind of nice now that they are old enough to use scissors and understand directions:-)
I just helped put clothes pins back together and manned the glue gun.

Things you will need:

*Badges or buttons (found in Walmart scrapbook aisle)
*Magnetic tape strips (Walmart craft aisle)
*Wooden clothes pins (Walmart craft or laundry basket aisle)
*Washi tape ( I bought mine at Archivers Scrapbook Store, but you can also purchase it HERE)
*scissors, glue gun
1. Take apart the clothes pins.
2. Place the front part of the clothes pin on top of the sticky side of tape.  Trim edges with scissors.
3.  Use your fingernail or the edge of the scissors and open up the slot for the metal part.   Put the clothespin back together being careful not to tear the tape.
4. Decide on a sticky button to go with the tape you put on the clothespin.

6.  Cut small pieces of magnet tape.  Trim the edges so it fits the clothespin.  Put a small line of glue from the glue gun on the sticky side and press to the back of the pin.

7.  Attach them to your fingers before putting on the fridge…oh wait, that’s just for the kids:-)

I love how easy and fast these were to do.
Perfectly fun afternoon craft to do with your kids that doesn’t lose their attention in 10 minutes…
because by then you will already be done:-)
I have some extra clothes pins…
so, I’m thinking turkeys and pumpkins next month!
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    OMG those are so adorable!!!! I wish I was creative outside of the kitchen. But I can totally copy this right? My kids would love a project like this!!! Love the pics of the kiddos with them on the fingers :)

  2. says

    hey Jocelyn! you threw me off there, making a craft instead of a treat! LOL anyway, these are super cute and awesome, just like everything else you do :)

  3. says

    Hmm. I was posting a comment, and it disappeared! Sorry if you get this twice.

    I love this idea! I think I’ll need a set for every holiday, and it looks like a really fun project to do with kids. If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll visit “One Creative Weekend” on OneCreativeMommy.com (open every Fri-Wed) and link up this idea and anything else you’d like to share. This month there are two categories—one for Halloween and one for everything else.

    Pinning this great idea!

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