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Here we are at Friday again.  I’m telling you now that school is in, and we are busy every night with practices and games, the weeks are flying by.  It has only been 3 weeks since school started, but for some reason it feels like 3 months.  I guess that is good that we have gotten into a routine.  Now if only I could get that meal time dinner schedule going better…any ideas for me are much appreciated.  Now let’s get to the Top 10 things for this week.

1.  First Day of School Pics – yes, it was 3 weeks ago, but nobody saw it then because I’m a slacker and didn’t do it on IG like everyone else….so I’m sharing my cute kiddos here today.  I can’t believe I have a 9th, 6th, and 4th grader already!


2.  Hahahaha!  Bring on all things pumpkin!  I am so ready!!


3.  I broke into the pumpkin last week…and I haven’t looked back yet.  My plan is to eat pumpkin every week for the next 4 months :-)  Salted Caramel Pumpkin Lattes every day!!!


4.  This Salted Caramel Pumpkin Bread is what caused me to begin pumpkin baking in August.  I seriously want that whole loaf for myself!!


 5.  Bailey’s Coffee Creamer…the best way to  make your coffee happy.  I was so excited to receive these three flavors in the mail.  Coffee with a good creamer first thing in the morning helps get me going.  I am slightly partial to the Mudslide.


6.  I am seriously dying over this Pecan Crusted French Toast!  It looks stinking amazing!!!


7.  Two coffee dates in two weeks with two cute kiddos.  Love!

Coffee Dates

 8.  I love accessories.  I love accessories that are affordable even more.  These necklaces came from Gordmans and each one was only around $10.  Then my daughter and I were shopping at the mall and found these earrings at Icing for $2 a pack.  Even if they only last a few months, it was totally worth it.  Those teal feather ones are my absolute favs right now.

jewelry finds

9. Sweet & Salty S’mores…loving this fun idea to make  s’mores with Ritz crackers.


10.  Throwback time!!!  I was looking through some old scrapbooks and found this one of me with the very first pie I ever made.  Baking is just a part of me I guess.  And I am totally loving that my littlest guy looks just like me.  He is definitely my little mini me.



Stay up to date on all the BruCrew baking here:


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend relaxing and enjoying your families.
We will be eating pizza, watching movies, and headed out to see family on Labor Day.  It will be a good weekend.


*We received Bailey’s Creamer for review.  No other compensation was given.  All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.

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  1. Trish Butler says

    I know just what you mean. I put up 100 lbs of pumpkin a year. Most of it goes for pies and other goodies over the holidays. I own a condo with a one butt kitchen in Calif. It will hit over 100 deges today and will last off and on thru October. We wil retire next year and move to the mountains and my only desire is to have a VERY LARGE KITCHEN. Love our recipes. Thank you for your time and talents.

    • says

      Wow, I would be in pumpkin heaven with all of that pumpkin!! I hope you get your large kitchen soon! That is a desire of my own too. Hopefully someday it will happen for me! Thank you so very much Trish!! I appreciate all of the sweet comments from my great readers!!
      Jocelyn Brubaker recently posted..Pumpkin Chocolate Chip BreadMy Profile

  2. Angelica says

    I was just going to tell you that your little one looks so much like you. Cool pics. Your kids are beautiful. Thanks for the recipes.

  3. Kentuckylady717 says

    Your kids are so cute…..your daughter looks just like you :)

    I do not like pumpkin pie, but love pumpkin bread & pumpkin cookies….strange eh ?
    Looking forward to your pumpkin recipes…..The pumpkin bread looks great and I will be
    making that one…

    Tried the Bailey’s coffee creamer….just did not care for it…..I have the Toffee Almond……
    I always buy Coffeemate Amaretto and they did not have it, so I tried Bailey’s…….will not
    buy that one again…. I have tried the ID brand one with all the stupid commercials,and won’t
    be buying that one again either…..nothing beats coffeemate brand :)

    Your Pecan Crusted French Toast looks delicious also…..I may try this one :)

    And the answer to your dinner question…is Crock Pot cooking…..put it in and forget it…..there are so many great recipes for crock pot…..and the ones I have fixed, have come out great….
    just put a whole chicken in the crockpot….rob it down with some spices and turn it on…
    need to add anything… have a delicious roast chicken… good as the ones you buy in the store already cooked…….

    • says

      Thank you so much!! I think my girl is looking more and more like me! 😉 Haha! It’s crazy how different all of the coffee creamer brands taste. I definitely have my favorites! Thank you for your dinner suggestion! Crock pot meals are awesome, for sure!!
      Jocelyn Brubaker recently posted..Pizza PinwheelsMy Profile

  4. says

    I was just thinking that your youngest is the spitting image of you! Your kids are so beautiful! I love that you take the kids on coffee dates, I have a hard time finding time to do that. My girls do love it when I taken them out on a date. I cannot wait to see what you’ve been baking up! I got into the pumpkin yesterday and I don’t think I’m going to be looking back, thankfully I will get zero complaints from my husband, lol! He just doesn’t want me decorating just yet. To bad for him, when the cat is away at work the mice will play, lol! Love the earrings btw- I don’t buy jewelry often enough.
    Chels R. recently posted..Fully Loaded Baked NachosMy Profile

  5. says

    I agree, it is definitely time to bust out the pumpkin! And you received Bailey’s creamer via mail? Jealous! :) I currently have 6 coffee creamers camping out in my fridge’s side door. I like to mix it up every morning.

    I have been eye balling that pecan crusted french toast, myself! Liz is definitely a great food photographer (and obviously a good cook!) It’s been popping up all over my Pinterest feed.

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