Coffee Chip Oreo Truffle Bark

Coffee Oreo Truffles

Does anyone else remember the Oreos filled with a coffee cream?  It has been years since they made them, but almost every single time my husband and I see Oreos in the grocery store, we talk about how good those coffee ones were.   Let me tell you…we are talking “eat the entire package” good!  (They even inspired this yummy Mocha Oreo Cheesecake a few years ago.)

There aren’t too many things that I would actually eat an entire package of in one sitting (well Reeses, duh), but these particular Oreos were worthy of eating all of them at once.  Maybe it is a good thing that they stopped making them…for the sake of my pants and thighs.

Golden Oreo Truffles

Is anyone else shocked at how fast this past year has gone?  It always seemed to go so slow when I was still in school.  But now that I am an adult the years are really flying by.  Do you have big plans to ring in the New Year?  We are headed to visit family and to celebrate with them.   Now because I have become quite the night owl over the past year, midnight is actually early for me.  Staying up to see the ball drop in Times Square won’t be a problem here, but I know that there are others that might need some help making it past 10 pm.

Golden Oreo Truffle bark

I have just the sweet snack for anyone needing a caffeine/sugar rush at about 10 o’clock on December 31st.

Because they don’t make the coffee Oreos anymore, I decided to come up with my own coffee version.  And now that I have developed a love for easy breezy truffles in the form of bark, this snack came together in no time at all.  You really can make this truffle bark in about 15 minutes flat.  Using the melting chocolate speeds up your set time, although you could substitute chocolate chips for the layers, if that is what you have on hand.  It will just melt a little bit more when you are holding it.  Not that melted chocolate on your fingers is a bad thing right?

Oreo Truffle Bark

One bite of these candies and you will be in coffee truffle heaven.  Another batch of this good stuff is definitely happening tomorrow night for my family to devour.  Bring on the New Year!!!

I can’t wait to see what 2013 holds for us.




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Coffee Chip Oreo Truffle Bark

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 4 cups of truffle chunks

Serving Size: 2-3 pieces

Coffee Chip Oreo Truffle Bark

Golden Oreo truffles mixed with coffee and layered with chocolate for a fun truffle twist.


1 package Golden Oreos (15 oz.)
2 Tablespoons instant coffee
2 Tablespoons hot water
6 oz. cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup miniature chocolate chips
24 oz. melting chocolate
1/4 c. chocolate sprinkles


  1. Mix the hot water and coffee together and set aside. Crush the cookies into crumbs. Add the cream cheese and mix thoroughly. Pour in the coffee and mix again. Stir in the chocolate chips by hand.
  2. Place half of the melting chocolate in a small saucepan. Heat over low heat until melted. Pour onto a wax paper lined tray. Spread out the chocolate to about a 9x13 size. Let set.
  3. Press the Oreo truffle mixture evenly over the set chocolate. Melt the remaining chocolate and spread over the top of the truffle mixture. Add sprinkles immediately. Refrigerate at least an hour before cutting into chunks. Keep refrigerated.


Let the chocolate and truffle mixture set completely before cutting. As you cut into chunks, the chocolate will come apart. Just press the chocolate back into place on the cookie mixture.

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    • Jocelyn Brubaker says

      Yes, it is kind of like crack. My kids absolutely loved this stuff!!! I think they actually ate more than me…can you believe that? Happy New Year to you…I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!

  1. says

    Happy New Year Jocelyn!!! This bark is beautiful! However, it would look better in my hands, ha ha! No seriously, wish I had some. I hope you have a great time ringing in the New Year! I think I will actually be able to stay up! Of course, this bark would be extremely helpful!
    Tanya Schroeder recently posted..Sriracha Beer CheeseMy Profile

    • Jocelyn Brubaker says

      Oh, that is sad that you never had or even heard of the Coffee Oreos…haha this bark will make it right in the world again :-)

  2. says

    Dorothy just linked this and I had to check it out. Curious – when you say ‘melting chocolate’ do you mean like candy coating? Or what? Not chocolate chips and not baker’s chocolate squares – just curious b/c the choc looks like it sets up but doesnt get rock hard which is nice in some recipes.

    • Jocelyn Brubaker says

      I used a couple packages of CandiQuik coating…mostly because it was what I had in my cupboard at the time. (I should probably add that to the recipe) It does set up harder than if you use chocolate chips.


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