Marshmallow Frosty Hats

I don’t know about you, but I love to wear hats in the cold weather.   Curly hair does limit what types of hats I can wear though.  Most times I end up with bad hat hair for the rest of the day…but the cute hats are so worth it.

Marshmallow Frosty Hats - marshmallows, cookies, and candy dipped in chocolate make these cute Frosty hats

The other day I was looking at my snowman collection…it multiplies every winter.  I have tall ones, fat ones, funny ones…you get the point.  Anyway, they are all wearing some sort of hat.   And because I love cute hats, I had the fun idea to create a cute winter hat snack for my kids to take to their Christmas parties next week.  


Turns out lots of people have had this same brilliant idea according to my best friend Google…

…so much for a great, new idea, but I went ahead and made them anyway. They turned out super cute and fashionable, I think:-)


Today I have a super cute giveaway for you.  Have you heard of Lisa Leonard?  She  has the cutest blog and super cute hand stamped jewelry.  Today she is generously giving away a gold wildflower necklace to one of you.  (You can also receive 15 % off your first order by signing up for her newsletter.)  She has so many cute items that would be perfect stocking stuffers for the fashionable ladies in your life.

I like to wear earrings, a bracelet, or a cute necklace almost every day.  Especially if I am leaving my house to do my shopping…and when I say shopping, I really mean go buy chocolate chips and cake mixes.  Fancy I know.

 I received this absolutely adorable gold wild flower necklace a few weeks ago.  Look at the cute muslin bag it came in.  I couldn’t wait to wear it, so I may have gone shopping for cookies and marshmallows right away. Not that I needed more baking supplies…

I just wanted to wear my cute new necklace to the store.

 I also wore it as I dipped the cookies and marshmallows yesterday.  Who says you can’t be cute and dressed up to make sweets?

These snowman hats were so easy to put together.  Drop it in the chocolate, spoon chocolate over the top, lift out, and then let set.  Time to go admire the cute necklace while the chocolate is setting:-)

Seriously though, these were the easiest treat to put together.  I made 12 in less than 20 minutes, even with melting and setting the chocolate.  My 2 younger kids were so impressed with these when they got home from school.  Don’t you love when your kids think you are the coolest mom EVER!

The teenager…not so much.  He is a hard one to impress lately.  I guess once you turn 13, your mom making edible snowman hats for your snack, just isn’t the coolest thing in the world.  Man, when did he get so old?

Marshmallow Frosty Hats - marshmallows, cookies, and candy dipped in chocolate make these cute Frosty hats

I better get started on something to up my cool factor with the teenager…make him popular at lunch time.  Because I don’t see him taking these cute hats any time soon.  Maybe he would like a pan of these Oreo Marshmallow Brownies instead.  Keep your fingers crossed that it works.

Marshmallow Frosty Hats - marshmallows, cookies, and candy dipped in chocolate make these cute Frosty hats

…at least my little ones still like cutesy chocolates:-)  Now I just need to get started on about 48 more of these hats…what was I thinking?

Little Debbie snacks are perfectly acceptable school snacks, right?  Did I really just say that???  Who am I?

 It must have been the necklace talking:-)

Marshmallow Frosty Hats

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 12 hats

Marshmallow Frosty Hats

Chocolate covered marshmallows and cookies for the cutest snowman hat.


12 large marshmallows
6 chocolate cream filled cookies
8 oz. chocolate Candiquik
1 tsp. shortening
red pull and peel licorice
snowflake sprinkles


  1. Heat the Candiquik and shortening in a saucepan over low heat until melted. Open the chocolate cookies and remove the frosting. Lay out on wax paper. Place a little bit of chocolate on the bottom of the marshmallows and place on top of the cookie. Let set.
  2. One at a time place the cookie marshmallow in the chocolate. Use a spoon to cover the marshmallow with chocolate. Use a fork to remove the marshmallow out of the chocolate. Tap gently to remove the extra chocolate. Place on the wax paper until set.
  3. Cut small pieces of licorice to fit around the hat. Dab a small bit of chocolate at the back with a toothpick and attach the licorice. Hold until it sets slightly. Use the toothpick to place a little chocolate at the front and place 3 snowflake sprinkles. Let set.

Apparently I am crazy about marshmallows…
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*Inside BruCrew Life was provided with a gold Wildflower necklace from Lisa Leonard to review.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. Brandy Miller says

    Love that picture of you! Winning points with teenagers is tough. I did score a few weeks ago, when I let her invite all her friends over for a movie night. No fancy treats (bummer), just bowls of chips and m&m’s. Score! Best party ever she told me! Yes!!

  2. Michele says

    I just saw some of these in a high end kitchen store yesterday. $6 for FOUR!! *gasp-choke* thank you for sharing, my kids are gonna love these and they will look adorable on our treat plates!!

  3. says

    You certainly ARE the coolest mom! What an adorable idea! Thankfully, those 13 yr olds grow up and appreciate you….sometimes we just have to wait…and wait…but eventually they’ll come around and will be telling everyone they have the coolest mom ever. =) Thanks so much for linking up at Weekend Potluck.
    The Better Baker recently posted..Salted Caramel Coffee Toffee CookiesMy Profile

    • says

      Yes, you can substitute chocolate chips. They will just melt quite a bit easier in your hands when eating them. I have never frozen them, so I’m not really sure about that. They should last for a few weeks in a sealed container.


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