Meat Lover’s Crescent Braid

This crescent braid is full of 4 kinds of meats and 3 kinds of cheese…definitely a Meat Lover’s dream come true.
Meat Lover's Crescent Braid - 4 kinds of meat combined with 3 cheeses and wrapped in crescent after school snack idea

Let’s talk meat today.  I know everyone else is going pumpkin crazy out there…who am I kidding?  I have totally gone pumpkin crazy already too.  I have 4 pumpkin recipes done and ready to share with you, and about 10 more I can’t wait to bake up.  Crazy for the orange stuff?  Yup, I’m plain bonkers for it.

But today I have an easy after school snack to share with you.  Here is the funny thing about this.  I do not really like meat.   You know how you usually have to bribe or convince your children to eat 3 bites of veggies before they can be finished?  That was me when I was younger,but with meat.  I remember eating all my veggies no problem, but then having to sit there forever with the meat staring back at me.  To this day, I still don’t like to eat meat.  Give me a bowl of veggies…or a chocolate cupcake.  I’ll get my protein another way.  
Meat Lover's Crescent Braid - 4 kinds of meat combined with 3 cheeses and wrapped in crescent after school snack idea

 But I have a family that loves their meat.  Well, except for one small boy.  Can you believe that it is my mini me that doesn’t like meat either?  I think that is just plain funny.

With different sports practices going on throughout the week, we tend to eat dinner later those days.  Now my kids are “starving” when school ends, so I try to have something they can eat that won’t fill them up completely.    This Meat Lover’s Braid can be a snack if you only eat a small piece, or you could make it an entire meal just by making more to serve the whole family.  I usually cut my braids into 8 slices.  1 or 2 of those keeps the hungry children from attacking my kitchen while I make dinner.

Meat Lover's Crescent Braid - how to braid crescent rolls with 4 kinds of meat combined with 3 after school snack idea

I’m sure most of you know how to make a crescent braid, but I thought I would include a few step by step pictures.

1.  Lay  out the dough on the baking sheet you will be baking it one.   Press all the seams together to form a rectangle. (or use the crescent roll sheet if you can find it)
2.  Use a sharp knife to cut 1 inch cuts along both sides.  Leave about 3 inches uncut in the middle.
3.  Spread your filling down the middle of the crescent dough.
4.  Cross the strips alternately across the filling, making sure to cross each strip.
5.  Press the ends together to keep the filling inside while baking.

Meat Lover's Crescent Braid - 4 kinds of meat combined with 3 cheeses and wrapped in crescent after school snack idea

I actually did try a small piece of this braid because how could I share a recipe with you if I didn’t even taste test it.  Haha!  I am my own best taste tester.  Usually I can’t keep out of the things I make, which is why I send them off to the church or to friend’s houses.

Meat Lover's Crescent Braid - 4 kinds of meat combined with 3 cheeses and wrapped in crescent after school snack idea

This braid was pretty delicious…but most anything wrapped in crescent dough is delicious.  Can I get an amen to that?

My kids and husband devoured this braid in no time at all.  Maybe I should have just made two and had it for dinner?  They definitely gave it a two thumbs up.

Meat Lover's Crescent Braid - 4 kinds of meat combined with 3 cheeses and wrapped in crescent after school snack idea


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Meat Lover’s Crescent Braid

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Yield: 8 slices

Meat Lover’s Crescent Braid

Crescent rolls filled with a cheese and meat mixture.


1 roll refrigerated crescent rolls (I use Pillsbury)
4 ounces cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup cooked, crumbled sausage
3/4 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
3/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese
3/4 cup crumbled bacon
1/2 cup chopped ham
1/2 cup diced pepperoni
1 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 cup pizza sauce


  1. Combine the cream cheese, shredded cheese, all the meats, pepper, and oregano in a bowl and stir until creamy. Set aside.
  2. Open the crescent rolls onto a baking sheet. Press all the seams together to form a large rectangle. On either side cut strips about 1 inch apart. Leave a large section in the middle. Spoon the filling down the middle. Cross the strips over the top of the filling one at a time, crossing each other to form a braid.
  3. Bake the crescent braid at 375* for 20 minutes. Let cool slightly before serving with pizza sauce. Cut into 8 slices. Serves 3-4.

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  1. Angelica says

    This looks delicious. I also wanted to say thank you for the Ninja slow cooker. I received it his week can’t wait to use it. Thank you very much.

  2. Kelly || Old Blue Silo says

    This looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! I have to eat gluten free so I am curious if Pilsbury has crescent roll dough! I found some pie dough in a little tub next to some cookies and pizza dough.

    My husband would totally approve of this.. :)

  3. says

    This looks delicious and kid friendly too, thanks for sharing. I love how fast and versatile it is (especially for picky kids!), you can add any fillings you like and have a new meal each time. Can’t wait to try it tomorrow.
    Katie recently posted..Fall is Almost Here!My Profile

  4. Lauri says

    I use the Pillsbury crescent rolls for braids often. An easier way to do it that patching the seams then making 50 cuts is to lay out the 8 pieces like a christmas tree, then put your filling down the middle and fold them overtop. It looks prettier too, and it gives you 4 distinct crescents so serves 4 nicely!

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