Nutella Cookies and Cream Pie

This rich and creamy pie is perfect for enjoying any day of the week.  Nutella and cookies and cream pair together in one amazing No Bake cheesecake pie.  Surprise your favorite sweetie with one of these pies for Valentine’s Day…or just because.

Nutella Cookies and Cream Pie - this easy NO BAKE cheesecake pie will disappear as soon as everyone gets one taste

 The other day I had a craving for pie.  A rich decadent piece of pudding pie was all I could think about.  Never mind the fact that I am still trying to watch what I am eating, and pie is not on the approved food list.

That didn’t matter!  All I could think about was making pie…and it had to be right away!  I started looking through my cupboards to see what I had available to use.  With freezing temperatures outside I didn’t want to run to the store just to satisfy my pie whimsy!   [Read more...]