St. Patrick’s Day Boxes

Are you ready for St. Patrick’s Day treats and crafts?  The past few days have been “green” around here.  First I shared my Thin Mint Fudge Brownies and today I have some cute green St. Patrick’s Day Boxes that you can fill with chocolate gold for your kids or their teachers.

Cute popcorn box with a rainbow candy handle filled with Rolo candies.

This month I pulled out all my die cuts from Lifestyle Crafts with the intention of making my kids a cute treat container just for them.  Now don’t get me wrong, every recipe I make, they eat.  But sometimes that recipe is just a crazy creation that I have come up with, or it is something that we need to take to a get together.  I wanted to make them a special treat that would surprise them when they come home from school. 

St. Patrick’s day is always so bright and colorful with the green, pots of gold, and rainbows, so I knew that I wanted to incorporate those elements into the boxes.

Cute popcorn box with a rainbow candy handle filled with Rolo candies.

For these boxes I used the popcorn box die cut. After I folded and taped the box together, I added strips of green polkadot washi tape to the sides.  Just last week I had stopped at JoAnn’s and found some cute rubber stamps with rainbows and pots on them.  This cute little saying was just what my boxes needed.  For the handles I cut three 1″x11″ strips from the leftover green paper.  I taped it down on the inside near the bottom of the box.

Cute popcorn box with a rainbow candy handle filled with Rolo candies.

Filling these St. Patrick’s Day boxes wasn’t very hard.  There are only a few candies in gold wrappers.  The Dollar Store near us usually has the gold covered chocolate coins, but they were all out.  It is actually a good thing because all three of my kids love Rolo candies.  They are the perfect gold nuggets for this box.  I used some leftover green Easter grass to fill the bottom of the box and then topped each one with about 15 Rolos.

I knew that I wanted some sort of rainbow to attach to the handles.  Originally I had thought about using rainbow ribbon, but then I saw these Airhead Rainbow Extremes and knew my kids would love them.  I would recommend using a rainbow ribbon if you are going to make these and give them away.  These weren’t leaving my house or traveling, so I didn’t attach the candy strips.  I just placed the strips right on top of the paper handles.

Cute popcorn box with a rainbow candy handle filled with Rolo candies.

Now I just need to find a good hiding place, so my kids don’t see their special surprise early!

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  1. Sandi says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea! You know me…I have a secret soft spot for St. Patty’s Day! I just might actually have to copy this idea…well…at least as best as this “crafty” person can do. LOL


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