Tropical Meatball Crescent Cups

Thank you Pillsbury for inspiring me to get into the kitchen and make this delicious appetizer.  Barbecue meatballs and pineapple chunks come together in one easy game day snack.  The crescent cups are an easy way to serve everyone watching the big game.

Tropical Meatball Crescent Cups - barbecue meatballs and pineapple get portable in a crescent roll cup

Are you ready for some football this weekend?

Honestly, I am not a big football fan, but I can get behind snacks and appetizers all night long.  My list of “want to makes” just keeps getting longer and longer.  Is everyone else still planning their game day menu?  I just keep adding more and more to ours.  Maybe I should sit down and really think about how much we can possible consume in one game.  Everything just sounds so good though.  

Pillsbury trip 7-001Pillsbury trip 5

Last month I had the opportunity to visit the Pillsbury kitchens in Minneapolis, MN.  Talk about a fun weekend!  The Pillsbury team was so generous and attentive to us while we were there.  I would love to bake in their kitchens all the time.  It was such an amazing atmosphere to enjoy with so many great blog friends.

We split up into two teams while we were there and toured the props department, learned how to style food, watched a photographer in action, and baked in the kitchens.  Dream day for sure!

Pillsbury trip 1

In the kitchens, Shawn and I teamed up to make our appetizer.  I have had fun getting to know her through her blog this past year, so it was even more fun to chat and work together in person.

We got started right away on our Chipotle Meatball Appetizers.    The spicy meatballs, the melted cheese, and the fresh avocado paired so well in the crescent cups.  They were so delicious and so pretty!

Pillsbury appetizers

After everyone had their appetizers ready, it was time to dig in.  Our team stood around and it was quiet for a minute, as we all enjoyed the appetizers we just made.  Easy and good food has a way of doing that.

I came home with appetizers on the brain.  And of course this time of year is the perfect time to put together easy and fun snack food.  I am all about simple and quick snacks that my family can enjoy.  One thing that we enjoy eating are barbecue meatballs, but they can be kind of messy.  Serving them in a bite sized roll helps contain some of that mess.

Tropical Meatball Crescent Cups - barbecue meatballs and pineapple get portable in a crescent roll cup

These meatball cups start with Pillsbury crescent rolls that are baked into little cups.  While those are baking, you heat the meatballs and barbecue sauce together.  Here is where you can put a little personality into your cups.  I found a pineapple barbecue sauce that I used on my meatballs.

Feel free to use whatever flavor or brand that you love.  I am thinking about using a chipotle flavored sauce next time.  The spicy with the sweet fruit sounds like a winner to me.

Tropical Meatball Crescent Cups - barbecue meatballs and pineapple get portable in a crescent roll cup

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Tropical Meatball Crescent Cups

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 8 minutes

Yield: 24 appetizers

Tropical Meatball Crescent Cups

Meatballs and pineapple join forces in a crescent roll cup for a delicious mini appetizer.


1 can refrigerated crescent rolls (Pillsbury 8 count)
1/2 cup barbecue sauce (I used Archer Farms Pineapple BBQ sauce)
24 frozen meatballs, thawed (5/8 ounce each)
24 pineapple chunks


  1. Separate the dough into 4 rectangles. Press the seams together. Cut each rectangle into 6 even squares. Press the squares into mini muffin tins that have been sprayed with non stick spray. Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes.
  2. While the crescents are cooking, place the thawed meatballs and barbecue sauce in a saucepan. Heat over medium heat until bubbly, then lower heat.
  3. As soon as the crescents are done, remove and use the end of a wooden spoon to press the dough down in the center making a cup. Press one meatball into each crescent cup. Top with a pineapple chunk on a toothpick. Serve immediately. Makes 24 meatball cups.


Use your favorite barbecue sauce to change up the flavor combo. A chipotle flavored barbecue would be nice with the sweet pineapple.

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*Pillsbury provided me with a paid trip to the Pillsbury kitchens to be part of the Pillsbury Holiday Bloggers Event.  All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

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  1. Michelle says

    Love the meatball in the crescent, topped with pineapple, but I would like to serve them for a Fall themed party, so the pineapple would be out of place. Any idea what I can replace it with? I may just make the meatballs in crescents without anything on top.


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