Caramel Apple Bars

These Caramel Apple Bars are an easy cake bar filled with apples, walnuts, and caramel.  Drizzle the bars with a quick sugar glaze before enjoying this delicious fall dessert.

These easy spice bars are full of apples, walnuts, and caramel.  Perfect with a scoop of ice cream too!

So, the other day I stopped at the grocery store for something.  I walked in the door and down a few aisles before realizing that I had absolutely no idea what I was there for.  Funny thing is that I still don’t remember what I needed.  It must not have been that important.

I decided to just head down the baking aisle because…well, not because I needed anything.  My shelves are fully stocked in chocolate chips and candy.  But you never know what you might need or what you might find that just has to come home with you.

These easy spice bars are full of apples, walnuts, and caramel.  Perfect with a scoop of ice cream too!

I am so glad that a spice cake and a container of caramel dip jumped into my cart while I was wandering the store.  I really didn’t have any ideas of what I was going to make, but then my mind started to go a mile a minute thinking about all the options I could make with the Crunch Pak apples that were in my refrigerator.

This bar dessert is kind of like a 7 layer bar except it uses creamy caramel instead of the traditional sweetened condensed milk.  Let’s just say I am so glad that my husband had a meeting at the church on the same day I made these.  It would have been very dangerous for me to keep these in my kitchen.  They were so delicious and gooey!  Can you just imagine these with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on it?  Yeah, buddy!  That just means I need to make another pan of these.

You know a recipe is good when someone texts you and asks for the recipe right away.  One of the guys at the meeting wanted his wife to make these Caramel Apple Bars for him.  He kept texting until I emailed the recipe.  (I was out shopping when he started asking for it.)  Then I might have forgotten to send it when I got home…apparently I have remembering issues.

Aren’t you glad I still remember how to bake?

These easy spice bars are full of apples, walnuts, and caramel.  Perfect with a scoop of ice cream too!

Day two of apple week is definitely an apple success.  I hope you had a chance to see the Peanut Butter Apple Pizza I made yesterday.

Make sure you head on over to Shugary Sweets .  I hear Aimee has some Apple Blondies with Caramel Buttercream that sound incredible!


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Caramel Apple Bars

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 25 minutes

Yield: 24 squares

Caramel Apple Bars

These easy spice bars get a fun twist when filled with caramel, apples, and walnuts. Try it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream while it is still warm because it is amazing!


1 spice cake mix
1/3 cup butter, melted
1/3 cup apple cider
1 cup chopped walnuts
2 cups diced apples
1 cup white chocolate chips
1 cup caramel apple dip (sold in the produce section by the apples)
1/2 cup powdered sugar
2 teaspoons water


  1. Combine the cake mix, butter, and apple cider until it forms a soft dough. Press half the dough into the bottom of a 9x13 pan that has been sprayed with non stick spray. You may need to spray your hands with spray too.
  2. Spread the caramel dip over the dough in the pan. Sprinkle with the walnuts, apples, and white chocolate chips. Drop the rest of the dough over the top of the mixture in the pan. Try to drop small pieces evenly everywhere. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Let cool.
  3. Stir together the powdered sugar and the water. Drizzle over the top of the bars. Let set. Cut into 24 squares.

These easy spice bars are full of apples, walnuts, and caramel.  Perfect with a scoop of ice cream too!

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  1. says

    Wow what great recipes, they all sound delicious. These apple bars are so simple to make and semi-homemade which is even better. Like you, I’d better make these on a day that I have someplace to go, otherwise I’m sure I will devour them. Great recipes!
    Vicki Bensinger recently posted..Apple Pie BreadMy Profile

  2. Joanne Cuny says

    Love your recipe today! Is there a way to print out the recipe with an attached picture? Thanks for all the great ideas!

  3. says

    Hey there could always be something you missed in the baking aisle! ALWAYS. It’s like my little home within the grocery store heehee so I always gravitate there, and now I want to go there and get some cake mix to make these bars! Caramel, apples, easy-to-grab-and-go bars? I’ll take a million.
    Jess @ On Sugar Mountain recently posted..Salted Caramel Mocha CookiesMy Profile

  4. Ann says

    What type of apples did you use/or would work? Also do you think putting down a layer of caramel bits would work instead of the apple dip? Im looking forward to making these this weekend, they look delicious

    • says

      I used the bagged Crunch Pak apples for these bars. And yes, the caramel bits would work too. I actually made it this way my second time. You need to melt the caramel bits down with some milk though, so it is creamy.

  5. Aubrey Z says

    I bake every week for the O-line of the Wheaton College football team. These were this week’s treats. Not sure how they would be received since I usually make cookies, brownies or cupcakes. The feedback was surprising! Some of the guys said it was the best thing they have ever tasted, while others decribed it as Christmas! Definitely will be making this again!

  6. Ann says

    For some reason mine didn’t firm up properly. Family loved them but I will tweak if I make again. Maybe use my own caramel…thicker and no artificial taste. Or just find a better caramel dip!

    • says

      Was your apple dip thick? The one I used was really thick, but these really aren’t a firm kind of a bar. More like an apple caramel bar crumble :-) Definitely play around with the recipe…homemade caramel dip would be delicious.

  7. Jessica says

    I just made these tonight and had some while still warm and they were amazing! I could not find spice cake mix at my grocery store so I used Duncan Hines carrot cake mix and it worked perfect! Of course I left out the extra packet of carrots and raisins that is is in the box.

  8. Beth says

    these look delicious!! thank you for posting – i am new to your blog and will continue to follow :) i want to try these tonight, but i dont have any caramel apple dip (which i have never tried). can i substitute for dulce de leche instead and if so, how much?

    • says

      Hi, Debbie. I have not frozen these bars before. I’m actually thinking it wouldn’t work too well because as the caramel thaws it could leave condensation and that would make the cake layer mushy. How far in advance do you need this made? It would be fine to make a few days ahead of time if you kept it covered.

      • Debbie says

        I kind of thought the same. I was going to make it up for company that is coming in a couple of weeks so don’t have to do everything all the day before.

  9. Anna says

    When I mixed the cake mix, butter and apple cider together it was more of a sticky mess rather than a soft dough. Did I do something wrong?


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