Oreo Bunny Pops

Are you looking for a cute Easter treat to make with your family this weekend.  These Oreo Bunny Pops are so fun and easy to put together.

Oreo Bunny Pops, Golden Oreos, chocolate covered Oreos

I have one last quick and easy Easter treat to share with you this week.  I realize that this it totally last minute and you probably already have your Easter treats all decided on.

Oreo Bunny Pops, chocolate covered Oreos, Golden Oreos

Hopefully a few of you will be inspired to go back to the store for the ingredients to make these adorable bunnies.  I promise you they are easy.  It is the perfect edible craft for your children or grandchildren to help you with this weekend.

oreo bunny ingredients

Let’s get started with what tools you will need.  Quite honestly you could do it without all of these, but this is what I used to make it easier :-)

The straws to put the Oreos on, toothpicks to draw on the whiskers, Kraft Stacker Mallows for ears, the bunny cookie cutter to cut out the ears, tweezers to put on the pink round sprinkles for noses, a paint brush to put on corn syrup that the pink sugar to stick to, candy eyes, and scissors.  And of course you will need Golden Oreos and white melting chocolate like vanilla CandiQuik.

Oreo Bunny Pops, Golden Oreos, chocolate covered Oreos

Step One:  Twist apart the Oreos.  Flatten one end of the straw.  Put the flattened end inside the Oreo with a little bit of melted CandiQuik.  Place the top cookie back on and let set.

Step Two:  Cut out the ears.  Place the flat marshmallow on the counter and press with the cookie cutter so only one ear is made at a time.  Remove the cookie cutter and use scissors to cut away the rest of the ear.  Go ahead and cut a small part off the bottom at an angle so it will attach to the Oreo better.  I have the steps for this in the next picture.

oreo bunny collage 3

Step Three: Next you will start dipping the Oreos in the melted CandiQuik.  Make sure you have the candy eyes, pink sprinkle noses, and tweezers very close by.   Dip each Oreo at a time by spooning chocolate over the whole cookie.  Tap off the excess chocolate very gently.  Place the chocolate coated cookie on a wax paper lined tray.  Place the candy eyes on.   Use the tweezers to drop the pink nose on.   Do this right after dipping the cookie in chocolate, so it is still wet enough for the sprinkles and eyes to attach too.

Step Four: Dip the angled end of the marshmallow ears into the chocolate and carefully attach to the top of the cookie.  Finish the rest and let them set up.

Oreo Bunny Pops, chocolate covered Oreos, Golden Oreos

Step Five: After the chocolate has completely set up, use the paintbrush to coat the center of each marshmallow ear with corn syrup and then sprinkle with the pink sugar.

Step Six: The next thing you will do is melt the chocolate CandiQuik.  Using a toothpick very carefully draw on whiskers.  Let dry.  Flip the cookies over and attach half of a miniature marshmallow for a tail using the white chocolate. Let set again.  Then step back and admire your handiwork.   Sorry I forgot to flip one over so you could see the tails!

Step Seven: The very last thing that you could do is add a tag on the straw.  I used the Lifestyle Party Flag Inserts die cuts to cut out the small round circle.  The little tag on the center was an Easter stamp that I picked up at JoAnn’s for $1.  I stamped the sentiment with two colors of ink and cut around the edges.  Then I used double sided tape to attach it to the die cut.  I love that this die cut set has the slits already cut in for you.  It makes it so easy to add to straws or lollipop sticks.

(If you are interested in purchasing die cuts, you can use the coupon code BRUCREW to save 20% on your order from Lifestyle Crafts.)

Oreo Bunny Pops, Golden Oreos, chocolate covered Oreos

I used a small wooden basket filled with foam and colored shredded paper to hold the Oreo Bunny Pops up.    Wouldn’t this be the cutest center piece for your Easter dinner table?



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Oreo Bunny Pops

Prep Time: 45 minutes

Yield: 12 Oreo Bunny Pops

Oreo Bunny Pops

Chocolate covered Oreos with bunny ears and sprinkles makes the cutest Easter treat this year.


12 Golden Oreo cookies
24 flat marshmallows (Kraft Stacker Mallows)
12 miniature marshmallows
12 small pink round sprinkles
1 Tablespoon corn syrup
24 candy eyeballs
2 Tablespoons pink sugar
8 ounces vanilla CandiQuik, melted
1 ounce chocolate CandiQuik, melted
12 paper straws
1 bunny cookie cutter with tall ears


  1. Twist apart the Oreo cookies. Flatten the end of a straw and dip it in the white chocolate. Place the straw in the cookie and put the top back on. Let set.
  2. Using the bunny cookie cutter, cut out one ear from each marshmallow. Use scissors to cut away the excess. Also cut a small angled part of the bottom of each ear so it sits on the cookie better.
  3. Dip the cookies one a time into the melted vanilla CandiQuik. Use a spoon to cover the cookie completely. Tap off the extra chocolate. Place on a wax paper lined tray. Put the candy eyes on. Using tweezers, place the pink sprinkle nose on. Dip the end of the marshmallow ears in the white chocolate and place on the top of the cookie while it is lying flat. Let the cookies set.
  4. After the chocolate is completely set, use a small paintbrush to coat the inside of the ears and top with pink sugar. Use a toothpick to draw on the whiskers with the melted chocolate. Makes 12 Oreo Bunny Pops.

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    Agh Jocelyn now I wish I had more time before Easter to make these!! They are freaking adorable (I feel like I say that every week but seriously – these are the cutest) and Oreos are just plain awesome. Dip them in chocolate and make them look like bunnies? Perfection!

    Have a Happy Easter!
    Jess @ On Sugar Mountain recently posted..White Chocolate Lemon BiscottiMy Profile

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    This is seriously too cute for words, what a cleaver idea! Thanks for sharing. Please check out our site too, if you get a chance. We test Pinterest recipes on a regular basis (www.suburbanepicurean.com)

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    These are too dang cute – I love that they’re not cake pops either…to hard to dip. Oreos? Easy for dipping and even better for eating! Thanks for sharing!

    Picked up your card at BYB13 and I’m following you in every way possible. Hope you’ll check out my blog so we can get to know each other better!


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