Nutella Cream Eggs

Looking for another fun treat to fill the Easter baskets with this year?  These Nutella Cream Eggs are easy to make and taste out of this world.

Nutella Cream Eggs - Nutella, white chocolate, and sprinkles make these a fun Easter egg to make and eat

Do you have one thing that you remember getting in your Easter basket every year?  Every year my grandparents would get us these big peanut butter Easter eggs with our names on them.  I looked forward to those eggs! They were amazing!

The other thing I remember is the 2 foot solid chocolate Easter bunny that we would get.  If you are laughing because there is no such thing, go right ahead.  My husband chuckles every time I talk about it.  He says my bunny gets bigger every time I tell it.  But seriously, the thing was huge…at least 2 foot tall!  I swear we were still gnawing on it in July :-)

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Oreo Coconut Cream Truffles

These little Oreo Coconut Cream Truffles start with a mini Oreo cookie that has been filled with a homemade coconut cream filling.  A quick dip in chocolate seals all the goodness inside an easy to eat truffle.  They are the perfect little Easter treat.

Oreo Coconut Cream Truffles - these homemade coconut cream truffles are seriously amazing!!

Right now I cannot get enough coconut.   I am normally obsessed with coconut any time of year, but the past few weeks I have gone completely bonkers for the stuff.

Good for me…not so good for my family.  You see, I am really the only one that loves the white stuff.  My hubby likes it too, but he likes the fresh stuff from the actual coconut.  I go for the already shredded stuff in a bag from the store.  Yes, I’m the lazy one in the family.  Or the smartest…because I get to eat coconut faster than he does.  I can be munching on the sweet stuff, and he is still outside with a hammer trying to get through the shell.    [Read more...]

Chocolate Crunch Pudding Cookies

Rich, chocolate cookies with a fun candy crunch is the perfect way to enjoy the weekend.  These Chocolate Crunch Pudding Cookies will satisfy all those chocolate longings in a hurry.

Chocolate Crunch Pudding Cookies - these rich chocolate cookies have plenty of crunch from the candy mixed in

 It has been a while since I have made pudding cookies.

Last summer and the year before that I couldn’t make enough different flavors, and then I just stopped.  I’m not sure why,  but boy am I glad I found my way back to them.  They are so soft and delicious!  Really you can use any flavor of pudding, but this past weekend I was in a chocolate kind of a mood.  I was remembering these Chocolate Reese’s Pudding Cookies, and decided to create another flavor based on those.   [Read more...]

Snowman Candy Jar

Need a quick and easy gift to share with your friends or family?  This Snowman Candy Jar is a cute way to share all that holiday candy that you bought too much of with others.

Snowman Candy Jar | Inside BruCrew Life

Can I just tell you how much I love snowmen?  Oh, not the cold wet ones that are outside.  I like the fluffy pretty ones that are all over my house at this time of year.  I do like the outside snowmen too…as long as I am looking at them from inside my window.

A few weeks ago I was at Hobby Lobby buying…well, to be honest I don’t remember what I was buying.  Anyway, I wandered down the ornament aisle and found this cute snowman head ornament.  He had to come home with me right away.   [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day Boxes

Are you ready for St. Patrick’s Day treats and crafts?  The past few days have been “green” around here.  First I shared my Thin Mint Fudge Brownies and today I have some cute green St. Patrick’s Day Boxes that you can fill with chocolate gold for your kids or their teachers.

St. Patrick's Day Boxes, rainbows, pot of gold

This month I pulled out all my die cuts from Lifestyle Crafts with the intention of making my kids a cute treat container just for them.  Now don’t get me wrong, every recipe I make, they eat.  But sometimes that recipe is just a crazy creation that I have come up with, or it is something that we need to take to a get together.  I wanted to make them a special treat that would surprise them when they come home from school.

St. Patrick’s day is always so bright and colorful with the green, pots of gold, and rainbows, so I knew that I wanted to incorporate those elements into the boxes.

St. Patrick's Day Boxes, rainbow, pot of gold

For these boxes I used the popcorn box die cut.  After I folded and taped the box together, I added strips of green polkadot washi tape to the sides.  Just last week I had stopped at JoAnn’s and found some cute rubber stamps with rainbows and pots on them.  This cute little saying was just what my boxes needed.  For the handles I cut three 1″x11″ strips from the leftover green paper.  I taped it down on the inside near the bottom of the box.

St. Patrick's Day boxes, pot of gold, rainbows

Filling these St. Patrick’s Day boxes wasn’t very hard.  There are only a few candies in gold wrappers.  The Dollar Store near us usually has the gold covered chocolate coins, but they were all out.  It is actually a good thing because all three of my kids love Rolo candies.  They are the perfect gold nuggets for this box.  I used some leftover green Easter grass to fill the bottom of the box and then topped each one with about 15 Rolos.

I knew that I wanted some sort of rainbow to attach to the handles.  Originally I had thought about using rainbow ribbon, but then I saw these Airhead Rainbow Extremes and knew my kids would love them.  I would recommend using a rainbow ribbon if you are going to make these and give them away.  These weren’t leaving my house or traveling, so I didn’t attach the candy strips.  I just placed the strips right on top of the paper handles.


This week Lifestyle Crafts is having a 40% off sale on all their templates.  Plus, if you use the code BRUCREW, you will receive an additional 20% off those low prices.

St. Patrick's Day boxes, pot of gold, rainbows

Now I just need to find a good hiding place, so my kids don’t see their special St. Patty’s Day surprise early!


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Thank You Berry Basket

Lifestyle Berry Basket

I have a new candy obsession!  Have you had a chance to try these Strawberry 3 Musketeers wrapped in dark chocolate?  Love!!!!   I found these new candy bars at Target.  That store gets me every.single.time!!!

This berry basket die cut from Life Style Crafts is something that can be used with any kind of candy, but berry ones work the best for a fun pun on words. I thought it would make a perfect thank you berry basket for the kid’s teachers this Valentine’s Day.   And of course since it was a “berry” candy, I had to use the cute “thanks berry much” stamp that I bought at Michaels last year.

When I started cutting out the pieces for the basket, I realized that top strip was separate.  It was the perfect place to use use the zebra scrapbook paper that I bought at Hobby Lobby.  Yes, I am sort of, kind of obsessed with zebra everything right now.  My hubby laughs at me and says I’m like a teeny bopper!  Oh, well!  I still like it!

Life Style Boxes

Do you want to get into paper crafting?   I recommend the die cuts from Life Style Crafts.  They have such a fabulous collection of food related die cuts for packaging your baked goods or candies for others.   Here are a few of my favorites.

Bakery Box , Fry Box , Hamburger Box , Pizza Box , Takeout Box

*And as always, you can save 20% off your order by using the code BRUCREW at checkout.


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Baked Biscoff M&M Donuts

M&M donuts made with Biscoff spread, sweet recipes, dessert recipes

One of the traditions we always did when our kids were little was to leave milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.  And every year my husband tried to convince the kids that “Santa” would rather have White Castle burgers and Grape Soda.  Our kids never believed him though, and so cookies and milk were always left by the tree.  As the kids got older, they just realized that “Santa” is really just mom and dad.

Although one year we got them really good.  It was the year they were 2, 4, and 6.  The oldest was trying to convince the younger two that Santa wasn’t real.  We were ok with that.  It wasn’t something we have every really tried to convince our kids of.  It was just a fun tradition.   [Read more...]

Reese’s Turkeys

Reese's Turkeys - two Reese's cups and candy corn make these cute turkeys

I couldn’t wait any longer to show you these cute little peanut butter turkeys.  Well, ok, I had to wait until today because I finally finished putting everything together this afternoon.  But the idea for them has been rolling around in my head all month long.  I sure hope you have a bag of candy corn and some leftover Reese’s candy from Halloween.  Who am I kidding?  Leftover Reese’s?  That never happens in this house either.  My kids are just as crazy for those candies as I am.  They used to share them with me when they were little…now they hide them, so I can’t find them:-)  So, I just bought more for this fun project.  I can’t wait to make more for us to devour on Thanksgiving Day.

Reese's Turkeys - two Reese's cups and candy corn make these cute turkeys

 How cute would these little fry boxes be at each kid’s place setting this Thanksgiving?  I think this fry box die cut is my favorite one from Lifestyle Crafts right now.   It makes the cutest little boxes for small treats. Plus using a die cut sure beats tracing an old McD’s fry box and trying to cut it all out right:-)  I also found the “Keep Calm and ______” stamp at JoAnn’s the other day.  I just filled in the “eat ham” part with some small letter stamps I found at Walmart.  How perfect is this saying for these little boxes filled with turkeys?

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Monster Mix Popcorn Munch

One of my favorite things to make is chocolate covered popcorn.
It is such a blank canvas for so many different variations!

Every fall I buy the three seasonal cereals Count Chocula, Boo Berry, and Franken Berry.
And every fall they sit there, because for some reason ours kids will only eat one bowl.
It’s marshmallow cereal…why don’t they eat more of it?
I remember as a kid eating this cereal and loving it.

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Halloween Washi Magnet Clips

My refrigerator was in need of some new magnets…

but we needed magnets strong enough to hold school project lists and artwork.
One day while I was browsing the crafty aisles at Walmart,
I came across some fun things in a $1 bin.

There was bakers twine, stickers, mini stamp sets, and these fun badges.
Immediately I thought they would make great magnets…
and for the price I can make more when Halloween is over.

This craft was so easy that I actually didn’t do it…
my 2 youngest saw me setting up all my supplies and wanted to help.
I explained what I was wanting to do and they got right to work.

It’s kind of nice now that they are old enough to use scissors and understand directions:-)
I just helped put clothes pins back together and manned the glue gun.

Things you will need:

*Badges or buttons (found in Walmart scrapbook aisle)
*Magnetic tape strips (Walmart craft aisle)
*Wooden clothes pins (Walmart craft or laundry basket aisle)
*Washi tape ( I bought mine at Archivers Scrapbook Store, but you can also purchase it HERE)
*scissors, glue gun
1. Take apart the clothes pins.
2. Place the front part of the clothes pin on top of the sticky side of tape.  Trim edges with scissors.
3.  Use your fingernail or the edge of the scissors and open up the slot for the metal part.   Put the clothespin back together being careful not to tear the tape.
4. Decide on a sticky button to go with the tape you put on the clothespin.

6.  Cut small pieces of magnet tape.  Trim the edges so it fits the clothespin.  Put a small line of glue from the glue gun on the sticky side and press to the back of the pin.

7.  Attach them to your fingers before putting on the fridge…oh wait, that’s just for the kids:-)

I love how easy and fast these were to do.
Perfectly fun afternoon craft to do with your kids that doesn’t lose their attention in 10 minutes…
because by then you will already be done:-)
I have some extra clothes pins…
so, I’m thinking turkeys and pumpkins next month!

Wooden Spool Yarn Turkeys

This month’s cyber crafting got a change up…
my sister and I actually got to make our craft

Jenni and my mom came out to watch my
not-so-little monsters while we went to Haiti.
Then they stayed an extra day to hang out with me:-)
I feel extra special:-) We had a good day…
crafting and shopping good will.

She even humored me when I told her my idea for a yarn turkey!
Last year I made THIS YARN SNOWMAN
so I got to thinking that maybe it could be
transformed into a yarn turkey.
I think it turned out freakishly cute,
dontcha think???
Even if Jenni thought he was a little strange!
Something about the googly eyes kinda makes
him look a little deranged.
Haha! I love the googly eyes!
Supplies you will need:

*a wooden spool
*brown fuzzy yarn
*round ball for the head (with a flat bottom)
*bag of different size oval wood pieces (7 large, 2 medium)
*wooden heart for the feet
*orange/red felt
*googly eyes

Everyone I want you to meet my crafting partner:
my sister Jenni!
I am so thankful for her being willing to come out
and watch my kids while we were away!!

And I am thankful she likes to do fun crafty stuff like me:-)
(now if I can just convince her to move closer to me:-)
Let’s get started:
1. Paint the spool and ball brown. Paint the 7 large ovals different fall colors. Paint the 2 medium ovals brown. Paint the heart orange. Let dry and repeat.
2. Paint fun designs on the 7 large ovals.
3. Wrap the spool with yarn making a rounded ball. Hot glue the ends of the yard down to the spool.
4. Glue the heart to the bottom and the head to the top.
5. Arrange the tail feathers (ovals) how you want them. Hot glue together, then glue to the back of the yarn. Glue the medium ovals on the side for wings.
6. Cut out a small beak and wattle from felt. Glue in place.
7. Place 2 small dots of glue above the beak and carefully place the googly eyes on the glue dots.
8. Sit back and enjoy your funny little turkey.

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Halloween Mod Podge Frames

My sister and I just finished our 2nd cyber crafting project.
It has been fun for us, but we have learned something…

Both of us are huge procrastinators!

I am not sure what the point of us having a deadline is???
Neither of us was ready on our chosen day to show off our projects:-)
Maybe the more we do, the better we will get?
One can dream!

This month Jenni picked Mod Podge frames for us to do.
Sounds quick and easy to do, right?
Not if you are procrastinators:-)
I waited until the last possible moment to whip these out.
Sure is a good thing that mod podge dries super fast:-)

Frames – $3 (Dollar Tree)
Paper, skulls, ribbon, mod podge – in my stash
Yea for stash busting!!!!

Paint the front of the frame with mod podge.
Place the paper on top and smooth it out.
Let dry for 5 minutes or so.
Flip the frame over (the back of the frame should be facing you now)
Cut an “x” from corner to corner in the inside square with an exacto knife.
Cut away the edges leaving just enough to glue onto the inside of the frame.
On the outside of the frame, cut a diagonal line on each corner.
Now glue down one side at a time.
Fold the corners down just like wrapping a present.
Then paint glue all over the paper to seal it.

While they dried, I cut a square out of a cereal box for the picture part
and covered it with black scrapbook paper.
My husband cut off the back of the skeleton skull
with some sharp object from his garage,
so that I could glue it flat with my hot glue gun.

I think my favorite part is the ribbon on the girl skull!

These were so easy to do.
Now I am thinking of doing some frames for my bedroom walls…
but I will probably just procrastinate some more on that one:-)

Isn’t this monster frame adorable???
Jenni sent me THIS PICTURE for her inspiration.
I think hers turned out absolutely adorable…
but I think the best part is my cute little nephew in his monster costume.
So excited to squeeze on him very soon!!!!!

Frame $3 (Michaels)
Boo Sticker – part of set $3
Googly Eyes -$6 (Michaels)
Ribbon, Paint, Paper – in her stash

Paint the frame.
Mod Podge and arrange eye balls all over the top.
Glue ribbon around the edges and front of the frame.
Layer sticker with paper so it “pops” out. Glue on.
Add a cute monster baby picture and you have a super cute Halloween frame!

Maybe we should get started now for our next month’s craft…
I’m pretty sure we will both wait until the last possible minute again:-)

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