Spicy Bacon and Cheese Pinwheels

 Spicy Bacon and Cheese Pinwheels:  These easy rolls are filled with three kinds of cheese, bacon, and spicy green chilies.  Perfect for snacking on after school or while watching the big game.

These easy rolls are filled with 3 kinds of cheese, bacon, and spicy chilies.  Perfect cheesy snack!!!

“What’s for dinner?”

We hear that question without fail every single day right after school.  Most of the time we haven’t even pulled out of the parking lot yet.

Our kids are definitely in the “hungry all the time” stage.  All the sports and activities has them burning off the food that they are consuming.  So, I have to have something ready for them to eat after school that can hold them off until dinner is ready.

Most days we tell them fruit or veggies, but then there are days when I have have fun and make things like these Blackberry Brie Bites for them to munch on while doing homework.  That is if I don’t get to them first. Mmmmm those Brie Bites are so good!!!

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Salted Caramel Oreo Icebox Cake title-2

Salted Caramel Oreo Icebox Cake

It's that time of year when the weather starts to turn chilly.  That means jeans, sweatshirts, and the return of the salted caramel mocha at my favorite coffee shop.  This Salted Caramel Oreo Icebox Cake has all those same flavors in an easy to make no bake cake.  Perfect for an any time pick me ... read more

Time to Sparkle #78

Time to Sparkle #78

Hey, there friends.  How is everyone doing tonight?  Did you notice things look a little different around here?  I am so excited about my new site makeover that went live on Friday.  It's so clean, fresh, colorful, and so very me.  Melissa from Melissa Rose Design did such an awesome job on it.  ... read more

Chocolate Toffee Graham Clusters title-3

Chocolate Toffee Graham Clusters

Chocolate Toffee Graham Clusters:  Graham cereal, peanuts, and toffee bits covered in chocolate makes this snack completely irresistible.  Make a double batch because it will not last long.  Trust me! This time of year makes me so happy. The chilly cool weather, the bonfires, the changing ... read more

Cheddar Bacon Ranch Sliders title-2

Cheddar Bacon Ranch Sliders

Looking for an easy recipe to share at the next grill out or tail gating party?  These Cheddar Bacon Ranch Sliders are juicy and full of flavor.  I promise you will not have any left after the party is over. *Today I am partnering with Walmart and Kingsford charcoal to bring you this ... read more

White Chocolate Caramel Cappuccino Bars title-2

White Chocolate Caramel Cappuccino Bars

 White Chocolate Caramel Cappuccino Bars: Fudgy white chocolate bars loaded with caramel chocolate chips and then topped with a coffee frosting is just what your middle of the week needs. *Sign up for the BruCrew email to get these delicious recipes in your inbox. I have realized that I am ... read more

Time to Sparkle Portraits copy

Time to Sparkle #77

Ok, guys!  I know I said I was all ready for fall to be here.  And for the most part, I am. But today, my hubby and I took the boat out on the lake, and it was so relaxing laying in the sun for a few hours.  Our summer was so much cooler than normal, so we didn't do much laying in the sun.  ... read more

Creamy Salsa Chicken Stuffed Shells title-2

Creamy Salsa Chicken Stuffed Shells

 Creamy Salsa Chicken Stuffed Shells is an easy, but delicious meal to serve on busy nights.  Cheesy goodness is always a winner in our house. *I am partnering with Kroger to bring you this delicious meal idea. Is it obvious that I kind of have a thing for pasta?  Yeah, I thought ... read more

S'mores Pumpkin Roll title 1-2

S’mores Pumpkin Roll

Try this fun new twist to the classic pumpkin roll this fall. This S'mores Pumpkin Roll has a delicious marshmallow filling and is topped with lots of chocolate and marshmallows.  It's the perfect summer meets fall dessert. *Be sure to sign up for my email newsletter…you can enjoy these ... read more

Chocolate Reese's Cookies title-2

Chocolate Reese’s Cookies

Easy chocolate cake mix cookies filled with candies and chocolate chips never last very long in our house.  Try a batch of these Chocolate Reese's Cookies this week and see how long you can keep them in your cookie jar. Easy cake mix cookies are the one thing I always have ingredients on hand ... read more

Time to Sparkle Portraits copy

Time to Sparkle #76

Happy Labor Day...and the first day of September! Where has our year gone? Did you spend the day relaxing and enjoying good food with family or friends?  No body actually did any labor, did they?  We started the day out with a work out and then headed up north to spend the day with family.  The ... read more

Broccoli Salad title 2-2

Broccoli Salad

This Broccoli Salad is a healthy and delicious way to get your greens, dairy, and fruit.  It is a great salad to bring to any picnic or party you may be going to for the long weekend. Despite all the sugar and treats you see here and on my Instagram, we really do eat fairly healthy. This ... read more

Funfetti Cinnamon Rolls title 2

Funfetti Cinnamon Rolls

Starting out the day with Funfetti Cinnamon Rolls is easy with these no yeast rolls.  In 45 minutes you can make, bake, and eat these delicious colorful breakfast bites. *I am excited to partner with Challenge Dairy to bring you fun butter recipes for the next year. Cinnamon rolls that ... read more