Chocolate Zucchini Donuts

So many random thoughts going through my head today…

Chocolate Zucchini Donuts | Inside BruCrew Life

*Why do I stay up so late every night and then think I will get up “early” the next day?
I have such a bad habit of “burning the midnight oil”…oh, it’s way past midnight
before I shut it all down and head to bed…every single night.
No wonder my body doesn’t function properly!
*Why can’t I ever tear the saran wrap off right???
I think the box is out to get me…every. single. time!
It can’t be the brand, because I have tried them all, thinking the cheap ones were the problem.
It turns out it has to be user error…because my husband can tear a straight line
AND keep it from sticking to itself!
Me…I tear it off at an angle, ripping and shredding it as I go,
 and then all of a sudden it ends up in one giant lump.
Curse you saran wrap!!!!
LOL!  It probably has something to do with my sleep patterns:-)
Chocolate Zucchini Donuts | Inside BruCrew Life
*I think I am addicted to using exclamation points and ellipses dots…
lately I have been conscience of how many times I put them in one sentence.
Of course it doesn’t make me want to stop…
I like my own grammatically wrong use of them.
Oh, and the over use of colon smiley’s:-)
Yup, I do that too!!!
*Where have all the donuts gone?
Is it doughnut or donut???  I always wonder that when I type it.
I am sort of kind of partial to the short version…
too lazy to type the extra letters?  Yea, probably:-)
But seriously, I want another donut.
Chocolate Zucchini Donuts | Inside BruCrew Life

Chocolate (kind of sort of healthy) donuts…yes, please!!!
These chocolate bites of goodness did not last long at all in our house!
They were eaten for breakfast and snack time.
I may have even eaten one (or more) for dinner!
Why not?  It has applesauce, yogurt, and zucchini all up in it…
sounds like the perfect acceptable dinner to me:-)

*I am really happy this donut phase in my life is still going strong.
Donuts are just kind of fun to make!!!  Faster and easier than cupcakes…
but with the same delicious satisfaction!
Oh, I am really sad these donuts are gone…
they were so delicious dipped into the chocolate!
The slight crunch when you bite into each one was out of this world!

*Must make more donuts!
Very soon!

Looking for some other donut options???
Chocolate Zucchini Donuts

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 18 donuts

Chocolate Zucchini Donuts

Chocolate zucchini donuts with a fun chocolate coating...can be made in different colors for different holidays.


1/2 c. butter, softened
2/3 c. brown sugar
1/4 c. applesauce
1/2 tsp. salt
1/3 c. buttermilk
2/3 c. vanilla yogurt
1 c. shredded zucchini
2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1 1/2 tsp. baking soda
2 c. flour
1/2 c. cocoa powder
1/2 c. miniature chocolate chips
1 1/4 c. white chocolate chips
1 tsp. shortening
1/4 c. red candy melts, melted
1/4 c. blue candy melts, melted
2 Tbsp. clear edible glitter


  1. Cream the butter and sugar until fluffy. Add in the salt, applesauce, yogurt, buttermilk, and zucchini and continue to cream. Sift together the flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, baking soda, baking powder, and cocoa powder. Slowly add to the butter mixture. Stir in the chocolate chips by hand. Do not over mix.
  2. Spoon the donut butter into a large ziplock bag and cut one tip off. Fill the donut pan cavities at least 3/4 full. Bake at 375* for 10-12 minutes. Let cool in the pan for 2-3 minutes before removing to a wire rack to cool completely.
  3. Place the white chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl with the shortening. Heat and stir 30 seconds at a time until melted. Dip the tops of the donuts in the white chocolate. Let set. Melt the red and blue candy melts and place in two small ziplock bags with a tiny tip cut off one corner of each bag. Drizzle both colors on the donuts and sprinkle with clear edible glitter. Let set before serving. Store in an air tight container.
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  1. says

    Wow! These are so fun, and I love that they’re secretly good for you Ps. I can’t tear saran wrap either, I like to think of my crooked tears as art 😉

  2. says

    I was just thinking, hmm…I haven’t made donuts in awhile. Okay, now I need to come up with a good recipe to make this week. These are totally getting made this summer. I love chocolate zucchini anything. And the fireworks are so cute! (Also, I have no idea what you mean about the dots…or the emoticons or explanation points! :) I never use them, lol.)

  3. says

    I haven’t had donuts in awhile–I need to get those donut pans to use and quick! And healthy donuts? Um, sign me up like yesterday. The fireworks pattern on them is so cute! And you’re all decked out in your 4th of July props, too :) and by the way, I’m now extremely self-conscious of how many exclamation points and smileys will be in this comment alone lol.

    • says

      You need donuts…and a fun donut pan to make them in:-) Aren’t the fireworks just so much fun? I am trying to get all decked out for the fourth and our picnic:-)

  4. says

    Saran Wrap? What’s that? I gave up using it many years ago, FOR THE SAME REASON!
    These donuts look great! Here’s how I change the spelling, if they have yeast, I write doughnut, otherwise I write donut. But not always, like when I’m lazy. haha!!! Love that these have zucchini.

  5. says

    My husband is always shaking his head at me when he finds the mess of the roll of Saran Wrap shoved back in the drawer. He tears it perfectly straight–no problem–and I can’t do it. At. ALL. Okay, so I’m totally needing to get my donut pan down off my baking shelf and put it to use. These look amazing!!!

    • says

      My hubby laughs at me every time I try to tear off a piece. I just need to give up and use foil every time! Definitely get the donut pan out…they are so fun to make!!!

    • says

      Thanks, Sally! It was so much fun thinking up a July 4th inspired breakfast! And I agree, baked donuts are so yum. And better for you:-)

    • says

      Whoops that was a big one to forget to put in there. Thank you for catching that for me. I fixed the recipe;-) Hope you like them as much as we did!!!

    • says

      We absolutely loved them! I ended up using 1/4 tsp salt because I didn’t see your response in time. I also added 1 tsp expresso powder to kick up the chocolate flavor. They were amazing!! My 12 year old decided to decorate with red, white, and blue sanding sugars! Thank you for the wonderful recipe & blog!

  6. says

    Is there are variation we can cook them at if we don’t have a donut pan? Maybe a muffin or something? These look YUMMY! I have zucchini coming out of our ears from the garden, I love baking with them! :) Thanks!

    • says

      You could definitely cook them as a muffin…you will just need to increase the baking time to about 20-24 minutes or so. Let me know how they turn out:-)

  7. says

    I’m on a bit of a doughnut kick myself. I have to try some of your recipes soon. I love zucchini in baked goods. I make a chocolate zucchini that is always a big hit. If you get a chance I’d love for you to share these over at Whatcha Whipped Up Wednesday . I’m pinning these to make soon!

  8. says

    These donuts are so cute and look delicious! Thanks for the great recipe! We appreciate you linking up to our “Strut Your Stuff Saturday”. We hope you’ll be back soon! -The Sisters

  9. says

    These look amazing!! I hope you don’t mind, I borrowed your pictures and will absolutely link back in my post! I can not wait to make these!! :)


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