Banana Crunch Popcorn – Baking with Nestle’s Holiday Candy

Chocolate covered banana popcorn

Can anyone else believe that Thanksgiving is over and the holidays are almost here?  Christmas is the time of year when we love to make fun holiday food and give it away to our friends and family.  Last year I started making different flavored chocolate covered popcorns and putting it in a cute tin to give away.  Last week I headed to Walmart to buy some holiday candy to put in a new popcorn.  Have you seen the Nestle holiday candy?  They have the cutest chocolate bells that are great to eat or to bake with. [Read more...]

Eggnog Scones

Eggnog Scones

Eggnog is one of those holiday drinks that you either love or hate.  I personally love the stuff!   Now I can’t chug an entire gallon, but a nice sized cup once a day is a nice way to bring in the holidays.  Only my oldest agrees with me on this one.  It was pure torture for him the other week.  You see, I bought some eggnog and told him not to touch it until I was finished baking.  Then I promptly forgot about the eggnog for oh, let’s say about 5 days or so.   I say forgot very lightly, because you see my son would come home from school every day and ask if he could have some.  No, not yet, was the answer for those long 5 days.   I kept thinking maybe we needed some more eggnog muffins or maybe some eggnog cheeesecake brownies or even better eggnog latte cupcakes!    The only problem with those…I can’t bake the same thing twice.  At least not for myself that is.  So until inspiration hit, the cap was staying put on the eggnog.

And then one day I just decided that we needed some eggnog scones for breakfast the next day.  I usually bake on a whim every day.  My cupboards are packed with fun baking ingredients just waiting for the day when I get a lightbulb moment and decide to use that particular item.  Any one else bake like this?  I wish I could say I have a plan each day…but no, my kitchen is always very random.  I never know for sure what is going to happen each day.

Anyway, my son was a very happy camper when he got home and I handed him the eggnog container and told him the rest was his.   [Read more...]

Cappuccino Fudge

Coffee and Chocolate Fudge
Something that I have never understood
is how people drive around with their car bouncing.
You know the cars I’m talking about right?
The ones that come up behind you booming.
The bass turned up so high that their car
actually bounces while they wait for the light to turn green.
I have to admit these cars drive me nuts.
Why? Because their “music” actually makes
my vehicle and my body inside bounce.
Honestly if I hear a car like that coming I will
turn down another road or make an unplanned stop
just to avoid sitting at the same red light.
I’m sure the person in the bouncing car
is very nice, but I would prefer not to bounce with him/her.
Now something that I would NEVER avoid is a good fudge.
Last week there was fudge popping up all over blog world
and it made me remember some cappuccino fudge that I
tried this past summer.
Fudge has always been one of those treats
that seemed too hard to make.
Until one year when I bought one of those
food magazines that are at the checkout lane.
Curse you food magazine lords…
you know that if it is right there
and the front picture catches my eye,
then I will buy it.
They really know how to get you.
Anyway, one year there was a recipe for easy fudge.
And by golly, it is the easiest way to make fudge.
Two ingredients and a microwave…
how easy is that:-)
And at this time of year, when there are so many
cookies to make for parties and friends,
we all need a couple easy recipes to make in a jiffy.
Chocolate and Coffee Fudge
Cappuccino Fudge

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Yield: 48 pieces of fudge

Cappuccino Fudge

Dark chocolate fudge topped with a coffee fudge. Easy 2 ingredient fudge.


2 c. dark chocolate chips
1 can dark chocolate frosting
2 c. white chocolate chips
1 can white canned frosting
1 Tbsp. heavy cream
2 Tbsp. instant coffee
chocolate covered coffee beans (optional)


  1. In a small bowl microwave the heavy cream for just a few seconds and then add the instant coffee. Set aside to dissolve.
  2. Line an 8x8 pan with foil for easy removal later. Microwave the chocolate chips until melted. Make sure to stir every 30 seconds to avoid scorching them. Place the container of chocolate frosting in the microwave for 1 minute. Stir and then heat again for 30 seconds. The frosting should slowly begin to melt. Once it is able to be poured out, quickly stir into the melted chocolate chips. Pour into prepared pan and refrigerate.
  3. Heat the white frosting for 1 minute. Stir and heat again for another 30 seconds or until pourable. Stir in the heavy cream coffee mixture. Melt the white chips, again being carefully not to scorch the chips. Stir the coffee frosting into the melted white chips. Pour on top of the chocolate layer. Place coffee beans every inch. Let set before cutting.
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